Etyeki Piknik, 4 - 5 June

  • 2 Jun 2016 12:55 PM
Etyeki Piknik, 4 - 5 June
Picnic Wine Campus, exquisite local and guest winemakers, treasures of local gardens, home-made food, cultural and children’s programs, artisan fair:


1 - Picnic Park

Hand-driven wooden merry-go-round
On Sunday: Party Poni horseriding for kids 10 am - 6 pm

2 - Cellar Aubergine

Bread with aubergine and ’zakuszka’ cream, asparagus and mangalica specialities

3 - Estate Gradowski

Wine selection of Gradowski Estate from Szekszárd-Görögszó
Classic and novelty dishes from the grill

4 - Estate and Cellar of Garaguly: Károly Áts (Mád), Géza Balla’s Cellar (Arad-hegyalja)

5 - Cellar Milán – Cabin Zalán

“Jókai” bean soup, lecsó style pork stew with egg barley, bread with egg- or ham cream
Somló sponge cake, honey cake, syrups, jams and palinka
Quail Ranch Hartai

6 - Courtyard of Transylvanian Flavours

Roundel stuffed with chicken or lamb, game specialities, Transylvanian meech
Transylvanian cheese and wine from Etyek, choclate, coffee and lemonade

7 - Estate Gombai

Wine and sparkling wine tasting

8 - Árpás Laci Ham Master’s Cellar: Cellar Günzer Tamás (Villány), Wine Estate Laposa (Badacsony)

Attila Ásós plays his songs
Gourmet hams and fresh pies filled with: liver pâté ’Bácska’, duck-breast confit with Southern ’ajvár’
Honey from Etyek , Chilion, Goat Farm from Váli Valley
Fanni’s Patches, Sápi handcrafted fruitwines

9 - Cellar Halmi

House wines, wine spirits, artisan syrups, home-made cakes and marmalades
Madzag & Csomó: sailing inspired jewellery
ART HEKK: Balaton inspired kinky artifacts
Noll Ranch Lavender Manufacture

10 - Cellar Takáts

Trotters with mustard stuffed in baguette, bean and cabbage in ryeloaf, sausage soup in loaf, trotters with onion in baguette, pancake with jam

11 - Cellar Szent Orbán: Estate Rókusfalvy (Etyek)

Tasting of Rókusfalvy wines
Valaha Farm: Tasting of home-made syrups

12 - Cellar Zarándok

13 - Cellar Kácsor „Kíra”

Wines from Etyek, bread with goose greaves and home-made strudels
Etyek Beer Manufacture

14 - Cellar tátrai

15 - Rezeda Terrace: Cellar Anonym - Áron Szövényi and family (Etyek)

Risotto with ewe-cheese and duckliver, strawberry soup, syrups and grape ice cream

Garden Stage:

11 am “Green elves on the gardenstage”- show for kids and parents
2 pm MOX tribe, elektro lounge and VJ at night

11 am NonPlusUltra,
2 pm Jazzymotions and Gergő Káli

16 - Cellar Etyekvin: Cellar Fekete (Somló)

Cellar-stew, grilled meat from Etyek
8 pm Irigy Hónaljmirigy
9 pmTamás Sipos /Irigy Hónaljmirigy/ and Csaba Takács - common entertainment

17 - Wine-house Lajvér

ÉDENKERT Group Artisan Fair
Csinta – Aloha (dried fruits)

18 - Cellar Berényi - Family Cellar Orosz Gyula (Etyek), Cellar Vabrik (Etyek)

STELÁZSI - unforgettable syrups and goodies

19 - Cellar Dvorák

Countryside flavours: cold fruitsoup, tarragon-meat soup, “Dvorák” pepperpot with egg barley, tripestew, letcho style clod, sausage, barbecue and trifle

20 - Debreczeni – Ferenczi Family Winery (Szekszárd)

Barbecue, lecsó and home-made strudel under the walnut trees

10:30 am - 1:30 pm Zoltán Janota, accordion
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm Béla Makó, guitar – Vineyard mood
5 pm - 9 pm Schwab'N'Roll Band – outdoor dance party

11:30 am - 2:30 pm Zoltán Dudás, guitar – Vineyard mood
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Pinot Noirz Band, relaxing melodies
4 pm - 8 pm Retro Moss Band – Dance party in the garden

Both days, 11 am - 3 pm Outdoor children’s programs

21 - Etyeki Sajtútállomás (Cheese station)

Interactive cheese- and butter-making, cheese specialities and cottage-cheese desserts
Etyeki Gezemice bread- ’lángos’

22 - Press House Fonó

12 am - 4 pm Zűrös Banda, Góbé Band

12 am - 5 pm BaHorKa Company, Csángálló Band

23 - Estate Rókusfalvy: Cellar Szatmári Family (Szigliget)

10 am Cooking contest (judging at 2 pm)
11 am ’Glass in hand’ special guided cellar-tour with wine tasting in every hour
11 am Picnic Wine Campus: Take part in our training for free, where you can be introduced to the basics of four wine styles and balanced tasting with the guidence of the leading experts of the Picnic Wine Campus’ Information and entry:
Treasures of Etyek Spring: plant and flower fair
From the garden of Konrád Kriszti: syrups, dried products and flowers
Kaszás ragout, letcho, tócsni from the kitchen of Gastrohungarorum
Auntie Kató’s Chimney Cake

24 - Gombai Sparkling Wine Cellar

Visit the cellar and have an insight of the wonders of sparkling wine makings.

25 - Korda MoviePark

On Saturday: stuntman show - at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm

26 - Soccer field

On Saturday: 3 pm – Hungarian Winemakers vs. Hungarian Parliament – friendly soccer match

How to pay
There is no entry ticket for Etyeki Piknik. All programs are free to attend. We are not implementing any NFC based card system; all products may be purchased with cash.

Picnic Wine Campus

Take part in our training for free, where you can be introduced to the basics of four wine styles and balanced tasting with the guidence of the leading experts of the Picnic Wine Campus’ Information and entry:

Buses with 760 marks leave from Kelenföldi pályaudvar every hour (according to regular schedule), which will be supplemented with extra rides in case of higher demand. Full price return tickets are 1.120,- Ft for „Etyek, autóbusz-forduló” station. The usual discounts at Volánbusz may be used with valid documentation. (e.g. student ID). For detailed schedule please visit

Between 9 am and 7 pm the Újhegy road will be closed and no motorist traffic will be allowed.

Official service provider : 6X6 TAXI.Etyek – Budapest, Széna tér approximately 9.500 FtEtyek – Budapest, Nyugati tér approximately 10.000 Ft The above mentioned prices are calculated by the shortest distances, therefore they are indicative only. IMPORTANT! The taxis are obliged to use their meters and the price shown on the meter should be paid. The distance can be different by traffic jams, stops or alteration of routes.
Further information and ordering: +36 1 6 666666

Driver service:
Official service provider: Fittipaldi Sofőrszolgálat.
Etyek – Biatorbágy, Budaörs és Budapest (I. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. XI. kerületek) 7.000 Ft
Etyek – Páty, Budakeszi, Törökbálint, Diósd és Budapest (II. X. XII. XIII. XIV. XIX. XX. XXII. kerületek) 8.000 Ft
Etyek – Herceghalom, Érd, Sóskút, Pusztazámor és Budapest (III. IV. XV. XVI. XVII. XVIII. XXI. XXIII. kerületek) 9.000 Ft

IMPORTANT! Orders befor 7 pm have 20% extra charge!
Further information and ordering: +36 30 550 6969
Official merchandise of Etyeki Piknik may be purchased at the information tents:

Tasting glass - 1000 Ft/piece
T-shirt - 1800 Ft/piece
Piknik Blanket - 2500 Ft/piece

Tasting glass may not be returned!

Opening hours of information tents: 10:00 – 18:00
Photo, video and personal rights

Dear Guests,

Please, note that the Etyek Picnic is a public event and that is why photos and videos can taken on it and it can appear in public media. As organizers we make photo documentation as well which we can use our own channels like website, Facebook or press releases.

If you have any problem about our photos you can report itt o Tamás Mák on e-mail address. Thank you very much for your attention.


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