Vegan Food Fest, Budapest, 8 – 11 September

  • 8 Sep 2016 12:45 PM
Vegan Food Fest, Budapest, 8 – 11 September
Are you curious about what a hamburger made of purely vegetable-based ingredients tastes like? Would you like to know how to get satiated with a vegan hot dog? Or have you perhaps ever wondered what a raw vegan stuffed cabbage or a fried vegan cheese can be like and what they are made of? Or is it the superfood green smoothies that spark your imagination? Or maybe it’s just a simple one-course dish with vegetables and grains that you would like to eat?

In addition to the above mentioned delights, you can taste many more dishes and snacks made of purely vegetable ingredients between 8th and 11th September, when the promenade next to Allee turns into a swirling outdoor gastrofestival with the city, your friends and you.

On the palette of the II. Vegan Food Fest in Hungary, you will find the country’s most popular vegan and raw vegan restaurants, food bistros, streed food places and confectionaries showcasing purely vegan and raw vegan food.

What makes this event special?

Each exhibitor is preparing with an appetizer, main course or dessert created especially for this event. Something delicious that you won’t find on their menu usually, some delicacy that you can try only here. You wouldn’t like to miss that, right?

In addition to this, there will be cooking and food preparing workshops on saturday and on sunday. Besides the food exhibitors, we are preparing with a vegan beer stand, a vegan book stall and many other attractions.


Location: 1117. Budapest, Kőrösy József street (promenade next to Allee shopping mall)
Date: September 8-11
Entry: HELLO! :)


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