Harmonia Jazz Workshop, Budapest Jazz Club, 18 November

  • 18 Nov 2016 8:03 AM
Harmonia Jazz Workshop, Budapest Jazz Club, 18 November
Calling all English speaking jazz lovers in Budapest to The Harmonia Jazz Workshop at the Budapest Jazz Club with a kick-off at 20.00 on Friday, 18th November 2016 proudly presents the Kyra Németh Smallchestra.

Peter Pallai, one of the founders of the Harmonia Jazz Workshop tells the story of how he found her last year:

During the spring my wife and I spent a weekend at Lake Balaton in the town of Balatonfüred. Taking a stroll near the lakeside one evening, we heard an incredible jazz vocal track coming out of one of the cafés. Much to my shame, I couldn’t identify the singer, so we walked in to ask. It turned out to be not a record but a live performance by this fantastic but, outside of her area, unknown vocalist, Kyra Németh.

We were amazed by her voice, her delivery, her assured poise, her inventive improvisation and by the enormous emotional charge emanating from her. Without any further ado, I went up and invited her to come and sing at the BJC. in the autumn, as our spring and summer calendar was already full.”

Her debut at the BJC was a rip-roaring success. She and the band followed it up with brilliant gigs at the Opus and also at the Palace of Arts. Her return to the BJC will prove to be unmissable. She will be accompanied by her pianist, Pingiczer Szilárd who is not just an excellent and emphatic sideman but a brilliant soloist and improviser in his own right. The bass will be looked after by Ferenc Nagy and the drums by Kornél Süle.

Entry fee is 1400 forints

The BJC is in the 13th district at Hollán Ernő utca 7

There is no compulsion to eat or drink but there is a well stocked bar with also cocktails made to order at non-extortionate prices.
For food we are pleased to report that the BJC Bistro offers several Hungarian and international food specialities to enhance your enjoyment of great jazz.

More: bjc.hu

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