Sziget Festival Stickers Now Available On Viber

  • 23 Nov 2016 8:06 AM
Sziget Festival Stickers Now Available On Viber
Viber, one of the leading global messaging apps, and Sziget Festival have announced the launch of a Special Party Sticker Pack. The official “Szitizen” stickers will become available today for free download by all festival and music lovers across Europe. Hungary’s Sziget Festival fans now have the opportunity to share festival’s positive energy and passion through Viber’s globally popular platform thanks to Sziget’s unique and expressive Sticker Pack.

Viber and Sziget continue to build the future of festival communications and a truly special festival experience. As a pioneer initiative of the two partners, the special festival sticker pack is now available for download, including 30 fun stickers that express festival vibes and emotions in order to bring local and international festival-goers closer to each other and their loved ones.

„Viber and Sziget started a long-term strategic partnership this summer, when we introduced a one of a kind, exclusive, totally free service: personal festival messages sent in real time to visitors’ Viber phones during the festival. Festival lovers also followed Sziget Public Chat for live updates and enjoyed main stage surprises with our Kiss Cam.

Sziget’s sticker pack is the next but surely not the last step of the cooperation towards creating the most expressive festival communication out there”, said Atanas Raykov, General Manager CEE of Viber.

Sziget is celebrating the 25th edition of the Island of Freedom in 2017, a hallmark event for which Viber users will be able to get all the exclusive information through their favorite messaging app. „We are preparing several innovative surprises for Szitizens before and during the 25th Sziget Festival – as we strive to create an unforgettable festival experience for them.

We are also happy and excited to launch our Sticker Pack on Viber as the next milestone of our collaboration. It is our desire to make the package full of fun, just like Sziget, so that the people of the Island of Freedom will love it”, added Tamas Kadar, General Manager of Sziget.

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