Sausage Festival In Budapest, 13 - 15 October

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Sausage Festival In Budapest, 13 - 15 October
This annual festival featuring 250 types of spiced up meat will be held at the Hungarian Railway Museum this year. As well as lots of porky specials available along several 'Sausage Streets', there will be family programs, folklore shows, 'nostalgic music programs' and dance, plus apparently presentations of enormous sausages, during this three day special Hungarian gastro event.

From the organisers:

The capital's largest gastronomic festival, the Sausage Festival in Budapest, will be held for the fourth time in 2017. As the capital's Deputy Mayor’s wife has mentioned before at one of her welcome speeches:

"The Pork Sausage Festival brings the countryside to Budapest" for a weekend. The main themes of the sausage Festival of Budapest are: "traditions, gastronomy and folklore".

On the second weekend of October the Budapest Railway Museum and the adjacent Water Tower Park also will be completely full with tourist attractions. (between the two parks free entrance) The Water Tower Park will the Country House Street, which at the end will be found the Country House of Békéscsaba furnished with 140-year-old antiques.

Here you can taste the world-famous Csabai Sausages. In the yard of the House, the Children Entertaining House and a front of it a Story Telling Theatre. Next to the Country House will be the Petting Zoo, where children can feed the pets with fodder. The Museum is an interactive exhibition of agricultural equipment, visitors can try themselves with the corn crumbs, the pumpkin peeling and grinding.

Will be a nostalgic amusement park featuring with a chain swing and a carousel with wooden horses. In front of the paddocks will be the main attraction, the pig slaughtering and meat processing demonstrations of each exhibition day. During the presentations, the butchers will scorch the slaughtered pigs with thee grains falling from the 124-year-old working trashing machine, and then cut and processing the meat with traditional instruments, in traditional clothing.

The townspeople will be able to see how our grandfathers used to slaughter and process pigs at the countryside. We present every phase of processing, each session lasts as a 4-hour presentation, from the sausage filling all along the way to the bacon frying. 100% tradition keeping, it is the organizer's slogan!

Who attends the pig-slaughtering presentation, can taste the organizer own “Pálinka”- the Railwayman Sting Pálinka, as a sign of our hospitality. Pig slaughtering presentation will not be held not just only in the Water Tower Park, but in the big park as well, will be set p a Pig Slaughtering Tent accompanied by a the Slaughtering Merriment.

At the Festival for the children is available, free of charge a variety of games to choose from: Folk playground with 30 games, bouncy castle, slide, forge, face painting, archery education and Yurt, where you can dress in clothes of the conquest period, and can test for ancient Hungarians weapons. Not just for kids!

Through the entrance 2, guests arriving with the Festival bus can reach the festival area. 3 low-floored Festival buses are operating continuously during the entire opening hours of the Festival transporting the visitors back and forth between the Western Railway station (from Vác stop at the entrance to BKK-Westend) and the Railway Museum. Use the Festival bus free!

At the Sausage Festival parking and TOILET use is free of charge. If arriving by car, for those visitors who can’t refuse the invitation for a drink, can take the support of the Euro-Chauffeur service (30/484-9999) who will drive the car home.

Taxi service will be found at the Festival, the City Taxi (20/921-1111).

At the Festival will be three Sausage Street, where 250 kinds of farmyard sausage of choice can selected by townpeople: This Sausage Street, Thick Sausage Street, Pork Meat Street. Novelty is The Cheese and Spice Street. At the Sausage Festival one can find of pork made goods what is not available at your local supermarket, you can taste and buy dishes: sausage, bacon, Greaves, cigánka- liver made specialty, cheese, honey, jam, spices, etc…

According to old habit for the winter to preparation starts with filling up the "pantry"! The quality of the sausages at the Sausage Festival is top priority! Guests can enjoy pork roasts and Hungarian fried sausages served in collaboration with the best catering service partners in Hungary.

At the Pork tent and by the Fountain the restaurants of Horvátháza, will wait for the visitors with all kinds of pork roasts and presentations of meat processing. The pork dishes supposed to accompany with a good schnapps. At the Festival, apart of the masterpieces of the spark's schnapps distillery in addition home breweries and wineries will be present, visitors can taste the specialties.

The Water Tower Park will be an interactive exhibition of oldtimer tractor and stable motor as well. The old mechanics will start the 100 years older machines. Through the No. 1 entrance (main entrance with Szekely gate) can reach the Railway History Park (large park).

Here you will find the Cheese and Spice Street, thick Sausage Street (next to the railway tunnel, the lake and the railway bridge) and the Pork Street. Slightly deeper you can find the Craft Street. Here the traditional craftsman representing themselves, and sell their merchandise. Further, it follows the No. 2 rotary engine that anyone can participate free of charge. follows the Craft Marketplace, where home yard jams, honey and other artisan foods can be found for some shopping.

After the Craft Market place follow the platforms, where the Railway Museum operates in an interactive way the nostalgia train vehicles: hand cars, railcars, horse and a real steam locomotive. The locomotive engineers can be boarded in groups of 4, for a bit of time travelling.

At the Budapest Sausage Festival all kinds of home yard food you can be taste and buy, “cigánka”- liver specialty, the head cheese, in addition folk art, ceramics, textiles and many other traditional products will be offered. In Hungary, at the Sausage Festival is unique the selection of sausages in Budapest!

 Can have a choice to select from more than 250 kinds of home yard sausages. From a goat’s sausage to Csabai Spicy sausage all! Apart of the pork dishes, can be found a variety of cheese, jam, honey, spices, grilled cakes and all sorts of Arts and crafts in Budapest at the Sausage Festival. Full of home yard goodies, what one can’t find at the stores! Apart of the fine dishes, even drink lovers can not complain, at the Sausage Festival a lot of kind of quality wine, craft beer and schnapps will be offered.

The quality of the fried sausages at our festival is top priority! At the Pork tent family programs: a Petting Zoo for the kids, a folklore stage, which every day will throb under the dancers feet. Then late at night goes live on nostalgia and the rollicking music. Fantastic folklore and nostalgic music programs will welcome the visitors! On the Pork Stage and Orient Stage until 10 at night will continue the party.

The wooden-floored tent rollicking bands are taking care for the good mood, and at the 3,000-square meter heated hall nostalgicbands, folklore ensembles, operettas and sweepstakes will entertain the visitors. We wait the visitors with a huge music supply! On the two stage 50 music and folklore program with 300 performers in 3 days! …

The structure for the music program is as it follows: on Friday Fásy night bar with many popular performers. Saturday, we creating a Festival mood! At the Orient Hall the greatest entertainer, "3 + 2" band and a surprise band.

Sunday will pass in the spirit of nostalgia music: Retro Dance Evening with legendary performers of the past.

At the Festival will be a number of additional programs: steam engine exhibition, railway model and wagon exhibition, exhibition of plotting board old-timer cars and motorcycles exhibition, 120-year-old teakwood VIP wagon, where you can climb up to take a photo with the instructions of the guide.

During the Sausage Festival, the Budapest Railway Museum will operate all of its interactive programs: handcar, horse train, rotary engine, garden railway, a steam locomotive, and the famous Nohab diesel locomotive. The entrance ticket can be purchased in advance , as usual in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, etc. ... at the known ticket offices, or through Internet in:

The admission tickets at the Festival can be purchased not only by cash (HUF), but with any credit card. Ticket prices: adult ticket 1999HUF, children ticket is 1,500HUF (up until the age of 14, under 3years the entrance is free), 5.999HUF family ticket (2 adults + 2 children), 1,500HUF senior, Friday's ticket 999HUF (general unit price)

For Friday, on the opening day 50% discount ticket for everyone on a unit price. All three days the first thousand adult visitor get as a gift, a fruit wine tasting, you get it next to the Fountain , at the booth of "Sápi’s fruit wine". At the bakehouses the "Pork menu" will be sold for only 2,000HUH, including a schnapps.

The Festival opening hours :
- on Friday 13:00-22:00
- on Saturday 09:00-22:00
- Sunday 09:20:00

Source: Sausage Festival

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