Community Matters: Favourite Cake Shops

  • 4 Mar 2019 8:42 AM
Community Matters: Favourite Cake Shops
Recently we asked the local expat community - via XpatLoop's Facebook group - about their favourite cake shops in Budapest. For your interest here are a few of the related helpful hints and tips from Xpats in the loop.

Olivia Julia Bodor: Émile, a recently renovated villa in the 2nd district, has quite a small but really tasty selection of great cakes. It's know as “Buda’s Gerbeaud” since the owners are the same, and people I know say its a fine restaurant.

I go for a coffee and cake on a regular basis and always find it delightful. As you enter there is a ground-floor counter filled with goodies that anyone with a sweet tooth will love! The cafe area is really relaxed and homely, and the music is always good.

The address is 1026 Budapest, Orló utca 1.

Phil Jones: Mine is the Cat Cafe on Revey Utca. Cakes are pretty good and there’s a small selection but it’s the company when eating them I love.

Cynthia Cooper: Weston Muvesz on Andrassy always has a wide selection and the quality is consistently good. I like to taste test a cake around town, and Muvesz’s versions always come up on/near the top.

Simon Greenberg: Anyone from Attila Menyhart, Chef pâtissier of Kollázs inside the Four Seasons. The only French patisserie available in Budapest. It’s perfect. 

Shaun Needham: The cakes at the Intercon are lovely, especially the dobos torta.

Joe Kurta: Daubner and Nandori.

Sevinj Mojerie: Dolcissima! ...and Davide is the best!!

Ana Paula Catunda: Daubner, I’ve always loved it (i think it might be for almost 20years now).

Diana Danila: Auguszt Cukraszda - I couldn't find something I didn't like there if you paid me .

Melinda Székesvári: Ruszwurm for their heavenly Krémes - pictured above - , and their Pálmalevél (Sweet puff leaf shaped pastry), Daubner for their pumpkin seed pogácsa and plum jam papucs - they out of this world good.

Sylvia Seal: Ruszwurm, krémes, need I say more.

And finally, here are 5 top tips from recent visitors:

Nádori Cukrászda: "In Budapest there are a lot of fine places where you can get cakes and desserts and this is one of the bests. A tiny place full of flavors! In case you want to try the Hungarian desserts this must be your choice.

TIP: in every August there is a competition for the title ‘Cake of Hungary’ for that current year. You have to try them it’s absolutely worth the calories!"

Chez Dodo Artisan Macarons and Café: "Great selection of macarons, from lemon and poppy seed, to salted caramel. We were also delighted to see they did a lacto free chocolate macaroon."

Hisztéria Cremeria: "Heavenly salted caramel & Sicilian pistachio ice cream. Absolutely recommended. Cakes are also pretty good. Friendly and clean atmosphere."

Cupcake Tortaműhely: "What a lovely place!! Cozy, clean, made up from a fairytale. A vitrine full of fresh and fluffy cupcakes, delicious coffee, polite staff!! They seem to care for their guests with a variety of gluten free and allergy free options."

Édesmindegy Desszertbár: "Try the Black Mamba, hands down the best cake in Budapest. We need to return for it every other week."



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