Cristina Branco Concert, MoMKult, 10 December

  • 3 May 2019 11:15 AM
Cristina Branco Concert, MoMKult, 10 December
Branco, who grew up in rural Almeirim, Portugal, has established herself as one of the country's foremost fadistas, with a growing international reputation.

She grew up listening to blues, jazz, and music from around the globe. Although she sang for her friends and family, she had no aspirations to make a living from her voice. 

It wasn't until 1996, at the age of 24, that she recorded her first album, the live Cristina Branco in Holland. It was an unusual move for an artist who was unknown, even in her own country, but it helped establish her, and lay the groundwork for her first studio album. 

Date and time: 10 December, 8 pm

Tickets: HUF 6,900 – 10,900

1124 Budapest, Csörsz u. 18.

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