Annual 'Winter Picnic' In Etyek, 18 January

  • 2 Jan 2020 8:24 AM
Annual 'Winter Picnic' In Etyek, 18 January
Why stay at home while the Gastro-Promenade of Etyek awaits you with hurka, sausages, mulled wine and live music? Break the ice and start 2020 in Etyek!


1. Gingalló Chocolate 

  • Open workshop – chocolate making presentation (at 10.30 am, 12am, 1.30pm, 3.00pm, 4.30pm)

  • Tasting of special handcrafted chocolates

2. Piknik Park

  • Petting zoo

  • Horse-riding for kids in the park

3. Aubergine Cellar

  • Pumpkin soup with roasted pumpkinseed

  • BBQ ribs and chicken drumstick from the smoker

  • Pulled pork sandwich and handmade hamburger

  • Real Italian espresso, cappuccino and hot chocolate

4. Dessert Cellar 

  • Rum-cherry-vanilla cake

  • Chocolate cake with red wine, chocolate and orange cheesecake

5. Vértes Cellar

  • Tasting of the wine of the house 

6. Garaguly Estate And Wine Cellar: Áts Family Winery (Mád), Balla Géza Winery (Arad)

7. Milán Cellar - Chalet (Cabin) Zalán

  • Bean-goulash with smoked trotters  

  • Homemade pork jelly and custy hurka 

  • Mulled wine, hot tea and pálinka 

8. Courtyard Of Transylvanian Flavors And Sobol Winery

  • Meatball and tripe “csorba”, Transylvanian meech

  • Tarpa Palinka and wines from Etyek 

9. Gombai Sparkling Wine Cellar

  • Sparkling wine and wine specialties

10. Árpás Laci Sonkamester Pincéje: Nyakas Winery (Etyek-Buda), Pregitzer Estate (Etyek-Buda), Tiffán Winery (Villány) 

  • Traditional pig slaughter from 9 am and pork roasting

  • Ham and sour cream bread, ham-plate, pulled pork

  • Artisans: Chilion, Gyurma Trend, Fanni foltjai, Sápi Fruit Wines, Schubert Apiary

11. Halmi Cellar

  • Spicy mulled rose with blackberry

  • Rosehip tea, wines, wine spirits, artisan syrup 

12. Chateau Újhegy - Takáts Pince

  • Deer stew with forest mushrooms 

  • Homemade hamburger: deer and duck

13. Szent Orbán Cellar

  • “Gezemice-lángos” scone from Etyek

14. Kácsor "Kíra" Pince

  • Wines from Etyek, bread with goose greaves, scone and home-made strudels

  • Etyek Beer Manufactory

15. Rezeda Terrace

  • Mulled wine with cardamom, egg liquor and Etyek wines 

  • Trotters bean soup and homemade greaves spread bread 

  • Crusty duck leg and oven baked smoked trotters 

  • Grilled pork and steak potato  

  • Chestnut cream soup with rum raisins and pancake variations 

  • Coffer coffee 

16. IBI Cellar: Etyek Events

  • Team games about wine

17. Berényi Cellar: Family Cellars Orosz Gyula (Etyek), Cellar Vabrik (Etyek-Buda)

  • STELÁZSI – selected finesses 

18. Dorák Guest Court

  • Farm visiting and petting zoo: horse, donkey, llama, many others

  • Smoked goods sale and cottage flavors: bean goulash with smoked trotter, trotter and tripe stew, roasted pork, cabbage

  • Jam and syrup sale

19. Lucza Pince (Etyek-Budap)

20. Debreczeni Pince: Debreczeni – Ferenczi Családi Borászat (Etyek és Szekszárd)

  • 12-17 pm harmonica music

  • Pork jelly, bean goulash, homemade strudels 

  • Mulled wine, wines from Etyek and Szekszárd 

21. Etyek Cheese Road Station: Tamás Dúzsi (Szekszárd)

  • Cheese specialties and curd dessert

  • Etyeki Czimeres Pálinka 

22. Fonó Press House

  • 2pm and 3pm Association of Young Sheppard Musicians 

23. Rókusfalvy Estate

  • Gourmet experiences with Restaurant Rókusfalvy: hot minestrone soup with parmigiano, lamb stew with peanut and curry with bulgur

  • Etyek coffee all around the world

  • 10 am Craftwork for children

  • 12 am Rókusfalvy Reserve wine tasting on the Champagne Terrace – free entry but registration needed

  • 1.30 pm and 3 pm: “Glass in the hand” special cellar tour

  • 2.30 pm Piknik Matine – movie for children

  • Artisans: Fészek Cheramic, Gretae Handmade Design


Buses with 760 marks leave from Kelenföldi Pályaudvar every hour (according to regular schedule), which will be supplemented with extra rides in case of higher demand.

Full price return tickets are: 1.120,-Ft for „Etyek, autóbusz-forduló” station. The usual discounts at Volánbusz may be used with valid documentation. (e.g. student ID). For detailed schedule please visit here.

free of charge

Gastro-Promenade, Etyek
 2091 Etyek


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