'Budapest Ritmo Picnic', 9 – 10 October

  • 5 Oct 2020 12:54 PM
'Budapest Ritmo Picnic', 9 – 10 October
Budapest Ritmo, the capital city’s popular world music event has always been known for the special encounters it offers – now the venues will also be unconventional.

Leading Hungarian artists of the genre will give free concerts on different spots in the city. The goal, however, is still the same: to demonstrate that tradition can be exciting, and that the universal language of music can speak to everyone.


Friday, 9 October

On Hunyadi tér, you can listen to the scintillating music of the Mediterranean (Meszecsinka), and Branka Trio’s songs, which were inspired by Serbian melodies.

At Millenáris Park, Mónika Lakatos and Mihály Mazsi Rostás perform traditional Vlach Romany music, and there’ll be wind music from Gyimes, Moldova and the Balkans.

Rákóczi tér will be cheered up by Romany tunes from Borsod County (Várkonyi Csibészek) and Sena Dagadu.

Hunyadi tér
5 pm Branka Trio
7 pm Meszecsinka

Millnáris Park
5.30 pm Mónika Lakatos and Mihály Mazsi Rostás
7.30 pm Csángálló

Rákóczi tér
6 pm Várkonyi Csibészek
8 pm Sena Dagadu

Saturday, 10 October 

Come and enjoy the traditional music of Hungary, the Balkans and the Romany on Hunyadi tér, Millenáris Park and Rákóczi tér, as well as improvisational music (Kálmán Balogh & Miklós Lukács), jazz (Borbély–Dresch Quartet), French chansons and Argentinian tango (¡Nosnach).

The Los Orangutanes will round off Ritmo Days with some spirited Latin music.

Hunyadi tér
10 am Julcsi Paár / Hangoló
4.30 pm Le Rom
6 pm Romano Drom

Millenáris Park
10.30 am Etnorom
4.30 pm Meybahar
6.30 pm Borbély–Dresch Quartet

Rákóczi tér
11 am ¡Nosnach
5 pm Kálmán Balogh & Miklós Lukács
7 pm Los Orangutanes


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