New Medical Aesthetics Service at Dr. Rose Private Hospital in Budapest

  • 25 May 2021 10:32 AM
New Medical Aesthetics Service at Dr. Rose Private Hospital in Budapest
Through its decades of research and development, as well as its unique innovations and patents, Institut Esthederm has become a major player in the international cosmetics industry.

The company’s commitment to extending its research and development activities to all areas of the human health sector has created a balance of beauty, health and well-being, recognized worldwide.

Researchers and dedicated staff at Institut Esthederm’s laboratory have put ecobiology at the service of aesthetics, to bring gentle and natural regeneration to the fore in the creation of all its products.

Institut Esthederm’s unique worldwide patents, such as for Cellular Water or the Time Control System, provide a scientific background for timeless beauty, regardless of age or skin type, as cellular support allows youth to be preserved.

Institut Esthederm specializes in skin care and its treatment routines are based on science and formulas developed in laboratories. The company’s professional expertise, based on exclusive techniques, was drawn from the fields of physiotherapy, holistic therapies and cosmetic medicine, among others.

Institut Esthederm’s unique standpoint and its selected, precise, and gentle manual skin care techniques are enhanced by the textures and soft scents of their extremely sensual products.

Institut Esthederm aesthetic treatments available at Dr. Rose Private Hospital:

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