Food Bank Budapest: Expats Help Refugees

  • 12 Apr 2022 3:05 PM
Food Bank Budapest: Expats Help Refugees
A good group of expats in Budapest have set up a food bank for those in need coming from Ukraine, they aim to feed as many people as possible who are clearly in need of this support service.

This group of volunteers are donating their time without any administration costs. They say they greatly appreciate any items donated from the list below, and add, “Without sounding unappreciative we really must keep to the list to ensure the smooth running and we get the right items that are needed”.

There are other fresh items that they provide which aren’t on the list below, since they order these to be delivered on the day of distribution as they are unable to store these items. Also, they provide LIDL vouchers for meat: 2000 HUF for a single person and 5000 HUF for a family of four.

Go Fund Them

They have a donation page on “Go Fund Me” for those wishing to contribute cash, they add that they are more than happy with item donations - see list below.

Drop Off Points

Many thanks to the assistance provided by the expat businesses below offering drop off points. Please note that these are only donation drop offs, no collections can be done from here, collection point is once per week at a location that they can only share with the people collecting, it is a safe secure place, they gratefully appreciate the use of it from the organisation involved.

Gaby’s Bar 13th District

Many thanks to Bryan and his staff.
Near Jaszai Mari Ter tram stops.
Budapest, Katona József u. 41, 1137.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday 12–11PM
Friday 12-12PM
Saturday 10-12PM
Sunday 10-11PM

- Please ask for a member of staff and they will greatly accept your item(s) donation(s).

Beckets Irish Bar – 6th District

Many thanks to Declan and his Staff.
Near Oktagon Metro and Tram Stations
Liszt Ferenc Ter 11, 1061 Budapest.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Wednesday 11.30 – 12AM
Thursday - 11.30 – 1 AM
Friday – Saturday 11.30 – 2 AM
Sunday 11.30 – 12 AM

- Please ask for a member of staff and they will greatly accept your item(s) donation(s).

Clarke & White – 5th District

Many thanks to Chris & Ken and their staff.
Near Vorosmarty Ter Tram station, close to Deak Ferenc Metro and Tram line 2 Vigado Ter stop.
Jozsef Nador Ter 8, 1051 Budapest.

Opening Hours:

Please phone in advance to ensure availability of drop off as sometimes they are not available - +36 70 611 5551

Jack Doyles Irish Bar – 5th District

Many thanks to Charles & Elvira and their staff.
Near to Astoria Tram and Metro stops
Pilvax Koz 1-3, 1052

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday 17:00 – 23.30
Friday - 16.00 – 1 am
Saturday – 13.00 – 1 am
Sunday 15.00 – 23.00

- Please ask for a member of staff and they will greatly accept your item(s) donation(s).

List of Items Needed

Any of these items will be gratefully accepted - don’t feel obliged to get everything, also the food bank is happy to receive several donations of one item.

Black Ground Pepper
Spices (Bay leaves, garlic powder, cumin, thyme, dill)
Cooking Oil (1 Litre)
Rice (white rice)
Paste (Dried, any type)
Flour (General purpose)
Tomatoes (canned)
Corn (canned)
Milk (long life)
Tea (Black)
Chocolate mousse/ dessert/ pudding powder
Biscuits (sweet)
Coffee (Instant)
Juice (Orange long life)
Toilet Paper
Shower Gel
Clothes washing liquid/ powder/ pods
Washing up liquid for dishes for sinks

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