Xploring Budapest: Classic Gastro Tour

  • 18 May 2022 11:39 AM
Xploring Budapest: Classic Gastro Tour
In the past years, a gastro revolution has taken place nationwide. It is quite clear even without a dramatic description here that a number of new flavours - as well as old favourites revived in new forms are served - and new types of catering places have appeared.

In Budapest the capital’s gastro map has considerably changed in recent years, yet the classics will alwats remain popular, and for good reason, sos here's an Itinerary to taste the best in Budapest.

Chimney cake & coffee

Go on, start the day with something sweet. While there are various different ideas about the origin of the name of the kürtőskalács, many expats here love it, and to make life easy call it chimney cake.

Several confectioners/bakers use the best traditions to bake it. In the vicinity of a lively square in the Inner City of Pest, Molnár’s Kürtőskalács has a small and cosy corner cafe where you can taste any of the many variations of kürtőskalács to accompany a great cup of coffee or soft drink, while watching the world go by at a relaxed pace.

Eat what you cook

Getting into the swing of the recent gastro revolution, several places offering cooking courses have opened over the past years where you can try out Hungarian and the most varied foreign international recipes. Warning: you eat what you cook.

The team at Chefparade always make sure that, once you take the trouble to participate in a cooking course, the outcome will be delicious. It better be as you get to eat it for lunch!

Make chocolate for afternoon tea

At teatime, you can get familiar with making chocolate upstairs in Szamos Café near the Parliament in a chocolate tour accompanied with tasting. In the end, with the help of a chocolate master, everyone will make their own bar of chocolate to take it away.

Das ist ein Unicum!

Now how about an Unicum to prepare for dinner? At the Unicum House you can learn about the process of the making of this bitter drink, the secrets of the herbs which it contains, the history of the Zwack family and what Emperor Joseph II said. During the tour, you can taste Unicum and 'Unicum Plum', and you can buy them and more in the shop there.

Dinner with a view, or with inner city buzz

One of the most beautiful panoramas of Budapest unfolds from Fishermen’s Bastion and the Halászbástya Restaurant in it. A dinner there is a classy way to round off a gastronomy tour in Budapest.

It's also not cheap up there, and some may say obvious if of course gorgeous. So here's an alternative, the 'youthful momentum' and the à la carte options of the downtown Bonnie Restro offers a great taste of the 'gastro buzz' happening in the Hungarian metropolis.


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