Analysis: Covid Patients in Hospital has Doubled in Hungary

  • 7 Jul 2022 9:14 AM
  • Hungary Around the Clock
Analysis: Covid Patients in Hospital has Doubled in Hungary
The number of newly infected Covid patients has begun to rise steeply in recent weeks and the number of patients hospitalised indicates a significant strengthening of the epidemic, according to the government coronavirus website’s weekly report.

More precisely, only the numbers in the report hint at this because the website does not draw attention to the revival of the epidemic, 444 writes.

The total of 4,663 newly infected people registered last week shows that the trend continues whereby the number of Covid patients included in the official statistics rises by more than 50% every week. This figure was 1,961 two weeks ago and 3,042 last week.

The government website does not say how many tests were positive, although it is an important indicator, according to 444.

That the spread of the epidemic could be greater – many people do not take tests at all, and if they do, then they do it at home and are not included in the system – is shown by the fact that the number of Covid patients receiving medical treatment in hospital has doubled in a single week, from 233 last week to 488 this week.

However, the number of victims does not yet indicate that the epidemic has intensified, as 14 fatalities were reported now as against 21 a week ago.

MTI Photo: Zoltán Balogh

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