Summer Camp Trends In 2024 – AI Skills And Sustainability Are in With the Kids This Summer

  • 27 Apr 2024 5:49 AM
Summer Camp Trends In 2024 – AI Skills And Sustainability Are in With the Kids This Summer
Summer camp season is upon us, with parents coordinating dates and rushing to find the best services for their children’s needs. Expats living in Hungary also need make sure that their children spend the summer in an environment where language skills are not a barrier. In recent years, with the emergence of new technologies and changing social trends, the interests of kids and teens are changing, affecting the programs that are on offer in the summer.

"While technological advances and environmental awareness are driving society forward, parents understandably want summer camps to support children's academic development, strengthen their skills, stimulate creativity and improve their emotional well-being," said András Kittka, CEO of Funside, which has more than 2,000 children at camps every summer.

The expert added that there is a greater than ever demand for activities that allow children to acquire new skills and develop their critical thinking, as the opportunities and challenges of new trends are already being experienced by secondary school and even primary school children in their own way.

"The rise of artificial intelligence is also reflected in the expectations of children: there is a huge interest in our English-language AI Skills camp class at the Funside Balaton overnight camp, which goes far beyond the boundaries of traditional education and offers a solution on how to put AI-powered software to work in an ethical way in everyday learning. And another new hit this year is the Fashion Upcycling camp class, which looks at how to breathe new life into unused clothing, with craft solutions, for sustainability," the camp expert added.

With demand changing at record speed, the expectations of summer camps have also changed: while it is still important that camps are both a fun and a developmental experience for children, personalized and flexible solutions are now essential.

This is why Funside has introduced more new activities this year than at any time in the last 10 years, with 27 different classes to choose from. In addition to the traditional language, sports and IT camps, which have been popular for many years, cooking, stand-up paddling and mindfulness have been big hits in recent years, while digital design and music production are new in 2024, reflecting the versatile interests of kids and teens.

In addition, Hungarian as a foreign language continues to be very popular with expat children - where they can not only learn the language, but also make friends with children from similar backgrounds.

"With our innovative approach to education, we aim to prepare children to cope in an ever-changing world," says András Kittka. "However, their emotional and social needs also need to be taken into account, so we work to provide a camp experience that not only awakens their curiosity and passion for learning, but also promotes their personal development."

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