Ördögkatlan - Devil's Cauldron Festival, Villány, 1- 5 August

  • 1 Aug 2023 1:57 PM
Ördögkatlan - Devil's Cauldron Festival, Villány,  1- 5 August
'Ördögkatlan' the annual multi-cultural event held in four small villages in the beautiful Villany Wine region.

International and Hungarian performers unite with locals, expats and tourists for a five-day celebration of "humanity, diversity and quality, enlisting all genres - from mainstream to marginal to experimental".

From the organisers: 

Guest of honour this year is the House of Music

The House of Music Hungary has a tripartite structure in regard to both its architectural and institutional organisation.

The diverse range of events provides a plethora of musical experiences, including exhibitions, concerts, playing music together, singing, dance, exciting music education workshops and lecture courses. 

It is our mission to promote music so that it would play a defining role in the lives of every family, child and young adult. We hope to achieve this through the nurturing and experience-based presentation of the values of Hungarian folk music, classical music, popular music and other genres of global music.

We are honoured that this institution, which has become popular in a very short time, is moving into the Reformed Church in Nagyharsány and will have a big stage in Beremend.

At the same time, it is great to read the mission statement of the House of Music, because we immodestly believe that in the decade and a half of the Ördögkatlan Festival we have represented the same values: 'We regard it as our task to build community, to create communal experiences, and while cherishing tradition, to be an institution characterised by a  progressive approach, experimentation and the joy of discovery - providing outstanding quality in all areas.

We would like to offer the widest possible range of genres, without boundaries. Our priority is to provide a forum for young musical talent and to promote individual voices, unique performances and out-of-the-mainstream productions and venues."

Flagship programmes


Vylyan Winery has been a host to literature and jazz for the past 15 years and will continue to be so. Featuring Grace Carroll, Párniczky Quartet, János Másik, Santa Diver, Péter Sárik Trio and Mariann Falusi, Dániel Hofecker and the Budapest Jazz Orchestra.

Other concerts: 

Frenk, Besh o Drom, Tudósok, Dés László & Friends, Szűcs, Kollár-Klemencz Chamber Orchestra: The River, Little G Weevil. Csík band, guest: Kiss Tibi.

Tamás Cseh 80

"I'm opening the festival!" In the summer of 2008, this was said on the makeshift stage of the gym in Nagyharsány - as our patron, Tamás Cseh, launched the first Ördögkatlan Festival. We are now preparing for the 16th meeting, Tamás would have been 80 years old this year. 

He is no longer with us. But in our hearts, in our imaginations, he will stay with us, and to make sure that he does, we bring „the better part of ourselves” to Ördögkatlan - and many programmes that evoke him. And we bring the freedom he always represented. His songs, the Indian, his films, his drawings... his life.

Young theatres 

The Ördögkatlan Festival is getting older, but we are on the side of the young, who have not yet been torn apart. We have invited many great performances created by young people: there will be Liliom, Merlin, People of the Fields and the Hungarian version of Chicago, Petőfi  Rock and Kohlhaas, etc.

Literature at Ördögkatlan 

The festival is deeply conservative in its conviction that reading is good, that literature is important. Líra Literary Afternoons - conversations with writers and poets will prove us right.

House of Traditions

They have been with us for a long time, but this year they are really on top! They are taking over Beremend and present Hungarian culture with programmes like Folkliget, Folkudvar and street dance. There will be concerts, theatre performances, jewellery making and soulbird-carving, basket weaving and felt making, a folk playground and an indigo print exhibition, storytelling for children and adults…

Offline Reservation

According to an old American Indian prophecy, future humanity will be caught in a great spider's web that will pervade the world. It's actually happening now! Our Indians are indeed moving to a reservation this year to build a world of their own, and from there they will go on a warpath to tackle the older and newer challenges of the 21st century.

Shakespeare workshop

Few theatrical workshops are more fun, more playful, free and wise than Tim Carroll's.  He will be joined by the great Canadian dancer, choreographer, director, teacher Alexis Milligan, and they will bring those lucky enough to be part of the team closer to Shakespeare and to theatre (especially theatrical improvisation). The audience can see the final result on the last night.


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