Rhoda Scott Concert, Dohány Street Synagogue Budapest, 10 March 2024

  • 31 Oct 2023 5:02 PM
Rhoda Scott Concert, Dohány Street Synagogue Budapest, 10 March 2024
Organisers are delighted to announce the highly anticipated event, the "Masters & Pieces" concert, featuring four living legends: Rhoda Scott, the Queen of the Hammond organ, Roby Lakatos, the father of "unorthodox" Gypsy fusion music, Lisztes Jenő, the marvelous artist of the cimbalom, and Mexicanu, the emperor of the harmonica.

Four masters & four instruments: the grandiose tones of the organ, the enchanting sensitivity of the violin, the magical gleam of the cimbalom, and the sensual soaring of the harmonica come together, resonate together, and meet in harmony.

These artists are destined to revive the treasures of the musical world, offering glimpses into their own masterpieces alongside well-known classics, all in their unique style and interpretation, promising cathartic moments for the audience.

Fans can expect a historic musical milestone with innovative approaches, blending traditional and contemporary musical styles. All of this in a truly fitting venue, the Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest, which is not only one of the most beautiful but also one of the most extraordinary buildings in the city.

Rhoda Scott

The globally acclaimed queen of the Hammond organ. Her passion for Hungarian music deepened through her research into the Kodály method and Béla Bartók's folk song collection. Known as the "Barefoot Contessa," she has been enchanting generations with her brilliance and refined musical talent for decades.

A master of challenges, she sees continuous experimentation and free improvisation as the essence of music. She stands as one of the most authentic representatives of American gospel music. At a young age, she performed for the first time in a Harlem club, quickly revealing her exceptional ability to blend the world of spirituals with the freedom of jazz.

In 1962, she founded her own trio and later earned a degree in music theory from the Manhattan School of Music. Her talent caught the attention of the renowned jazz musician Count Basie, who invited her to his Harlem club. Here, she met icons like Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Ray Charles.

Her style was significantly influenced by the Parisian music educator Nadia Boulanger, who boasted illustrious students like Quincy Jones, Astor Piazzolla, and Michel Legrand. Since then, she has been performing with unwavering success on the world's grand stages.

Roby Lakatos - the creator of "unorthodox gypsy fusion" music

Roby Lakatos' violin playing, thanks to his epoch-making talent and the professional support of Yehudi Menuhin, has been heard in concerts from Carnegie Hall to the Vatican to London's Albert Hall. Countries around the world have honoured his musical greatness with prestigious awards and other accolades.

Among other honours, Roby Lakatos was made honorary citizen of Mexico, and in 2021 he received the Spanish Ministry of Culture's prestigious Music Prize in Madrid, which is awarded to the work of musical talents such as Alfred Brendel, Shlomo Mintz, Michael Nyman and Krzysztof Penderecki.

The Virtuoso's international renown is primarily due to the fact that his violin playing, in addition to a high level of musical precision, is expressed in a unique sound and style that is instantly recognisable to anyone, not "only" in Hungary, but anywhere in the world.

The international music society owes the birth and international spread of the "unorthodox gypsy fusion" style of music to the unique musical creativity of Roby  Lakatos, whose musical novelty is that the Maestro has renewed Hungarian gypsy music by fusing it with classical, Balkan and Orthodox Jewish music, as well as jazz.

Jenő Lisztes

As a cimbalom artist, Jenő Lisztes began his classical cimbalom studies at the age of four under the guidance of Ágnes Szakály. Later, he was taught by Jenő Sörös in both classical and Gypsy music. At the age of twelve, he won the Aladár Rácz Cimbalom Competition.

He earned his diploma in classical cimbalom at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in 2010. With his musical talent, excellence, sensitivity, and virtuosity, he has become a defining figure in the Hungarian music scene.

He has enchanted audiences in some of the world's most renowned concert halls, including Carnegie Hall in New York, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, and Musikverein in Vienna. In addition to invitations from internationally recognized symphonic orchestras, he is a regular guest with the Budapest Festival Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra, with whom he has recorded an album alongside Dr. Subramaniam, the world-famous Indian violinist.

He is a soloist and section leader of the 100-Member Gypsy Orchestra, a recipient of the Hungarian Heritage and Hungaricum awards. He played the cimbalom in the Hollywood-produced film "Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows" and collaborated with perhaps the world's most famous film composer, Hans Zimmer.

In 2018, he was a soloist with the Budapest Festival Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall during the BBC Proms. He gained recognition as a member of Roby Lakatos's band. In 2015, he founded his own trio with two childhood friends, Dániel Serei on drums and Vilmos Schildkraut on double bass, which they named the Jenő Lisztes Cimbalom Project.

Marian Mexicanu

The brilliant accordionist draws richly from the abundant tradition of Romanian Roma heritage in his unique and unparalleled creations, incorporating improvisational elements with passionate and virtuosic performances.

At the age of 22, Marian played with Russian musicians in the United States, in places like New York, Queens Boulevard, and other major cities including Los Angeles, Miami, Florida, and Las Vegas. He performed for a year with Nigel Kennedy's band, delivering concerts at some of the world's most prestigious jazz venues like Saint Moritz, Montreux, Warsaw, and London.

He has graced numerous international stages, earning accolades from audiences for his artistic expression and dedication to the art of music. He possesses an extraordinary and exceptional talent, a devoted musician whose artistry brings joy and inspiration to all fans. A true accordion virtuoso, he plays various musical styles worldwide, whether it's Roma music, jazz, or classical.

He has composed music for several films, including a special composition about the Roma Holocaust, referred to as the Father of Jazz & Folk Music. He also collaborates with eminent violinists such as Roby Lakatos and Florin Niculescu. Marian Mexicanu is one of Romania's greatest and most renowned accordion artists. Together with his wife, who is a singer, they perform traditional Romanian music worldwide, sharing the stage with many famous and accomplished musicians.

Tickets: eventim.hu

"Visitors must adhere to Jewish religious regulations during the concert. Men are required to enter and stay with covered heads, while women should have their shoulders covered upon entry and throughout their stay in the building."

The concert is organized by the Green Stage Production office, whose motto is:

"The protection of our Earth, and therefore our conscious goal, is to be able to calculate the Ecological Footprint of the given events from the energy consumption data necessary for the implementation of every concert or performance we organize, and as a result of these calculations, plant as many trees in our country as can offset this created ecological footprint”.

Photo: Green Stage Production

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