External Leadership Support in Hungary: A Catalyst for Change

  • 18 Sep 2023 2:56 PM
External Leadership Support in Hungary: A Catalyst for Change
When someone reaches the top level and becomes a company leader or board member, they will face the most significant challenge: “Who can I turn to if I need guidance or support?”

When someone reaches the top level and becomes a company leader or board member, they will face the most significant challenge: “Who can I turn to if I need guidance or support?”

A kind of pathos often surrounds the top leader. We believe them to be infallible, and they cannot afford the slightest uncertainty, error, or "weakness" in the grip of expectations. But is it a weakness if a leader needs new points of view, external support, or the formulation of the right questions?

The answer is clear and not at all surprising: of course not. In fact! Isn't it true strength and wisdom to dare to ask for advice? Who said the leader is omnipotent? Yes, they have to make the decisions; they often have the last word, but a good decision requires thorough knowledge and an open mind.

Beáta Kalamár, a seasoned senior leadership expert and executive coach with more than two decades of experience, emerges as a guiding light for leaders aiming to thrive amidst the challenges of our ever-evolving world. She has dedicated her career to preparing leaders and top leadership teams to successfully tackle complex challenges.

In 2018, Peter Pesthy faced a challenging task at Linde Group, a German-based company dealing with material handling solutions and automation systems. He took on the role of replacing the long-standing managing director of the Hungarian subsidiary and overseeing the company's transformation. Despite his industry experience, including service, production, and industrial electronics, Peter recognized the need for expert assistance due to the scale of this significant change.

Amidst numerous coaches and mentors, Peter chose Beata as his executive coach due to their prior professional interactions. He sought a leadership transformation and leadership team-building specialist for ongoing collaboration.

While adapting to the company's internal workings, staff, and processes, Peter, the new managing director, faced immense time constraints, balancing task pressure, skepticism as an outsider driving change, operational demands, customer relationships, and recruitment.

Peter recognized that, on the one hand, as a specialized expert, Beata could help him formulate a new corporate vision, prepare the transformation, and prepare the organization and the leaders for the changes. On the other hand, with Beata’s strategic solid support, she could also help him integrate into the company.

Their collaboration encapsulated the essence of transformative leadership, unfolding across four key phases:

  1. Formulating Vision: Together, they articulated a clear corporate vision and strategic direction for the organization's following 6-12 months.

  2. Personal Evolution: Peter embarked on an introspective journey, evolving his leadership style to champion the transformation effectively.

  3. Rooting Out Obstacles: Obstacles, be they structural or human, were identified and systematically removed to pave the way for change.

  4. Empowering the Team: A strong leadership team was meticulously crafted, unified in purpose, and aligned with the transformation.

The tangible results were profound. Employee satisfaction surged by an impressive 11 points amidst sweeping organizational changes. A revitalized sales strategy propelled the company to record-breaking outcomes. And most notably, a leadership team rooted in balance and purpose emerged.

“When we disrupt an old system, the people working there often don't understand the importance of the change either. Their usual life is suddenly turned upside down, and they will have doubts and worries. Only the top leader who can emerge victorious from such a situation is the one who embarks on the change consciously, confidently, and based on a consistent plan. And most importantly, do not be afraid to ask for support.”– says Beata Kalamar.

Peter's experience is a testament to the transformative power of seeking the right support. Beata's "CRAFT Leadership"   methodology, driven by Creativity, Resilience, Agility, Focus, and Trust, provides a compass for leaders navigating change and nurturing high-performing teams.

“From the CRAFT Leadership methodology, FOCUS, inner strength, stability, and building leadership credibility (REAL LEADER) helped me the most so that I don't get lost in the details, put aside my maximalism, and don't lose sight of the goals. And my team understood that the everyday task of the company leader is not to sell products but to lead the company in such a way that the sales team sells more products and that the organization serves its customers quickly, efficiently, and at a quality level. Without Beata, this great result would not have been possible." – says Peter Pesthy.

In conclusion, the narrative of leadership is evolving. Great leaders are no longer those who stand alone but those who stand tall by embracing the wisdom of seeking support. The journey to leadership excellence is paved with the courage to seek guidance, the humility to evolve, and the passion to empower those around you.

Ultimately, the true measure of leadership lies not in knowing all the answers but in having the audacity to ask the right questions and seek the right support along the way.

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