See & Hear Red Deer: Seasonal Deer Tours in Pilis & Budakeszi near Budapest

  • 8 Sep 2023 2:16 PM
See & Hear Red Deer: Seasonal Deer Tours in Pilis & Budakeszi near Budapest
Deer roaring is one of the unique autumn phenomena in Hungary’s forests, providing a one-of-a-kind experience even for regular hikers.

More and more people want to see and hear the red deer, the king of Hungarian forests, up close, which is why many venture into the forest at night. However, it's important to know that male red deer primarily engage in roaring to maintain their reproduction and not to dazzle the public.

During the mating season, the excited males focus on keeping rivals away and conquering female deer. Excessive human interest can disturb the animals' peace and even hinder reproduction.

To ensure the animals’ tranquillity and the safety of nature enthusiasts, Pilis Park Forest kindly requests that everyone get to know the deer's mating behaviour through guided tours and refrain from individual night outings in the forest. Approaching excited, combat-ready stags is not safe at all, so it's essential to follow the signs placed by the forest authorities.

The guided tours in the Park Forest ensure that you can observe the red deer's important moments without causing disturbance, while tour guides share valuable information.

Keep in mind that the events during the tours depend on nature, so some luck is needed to hear the roaring. In the most ideal circumstances, you may even hear the clash of antlers as competing stags engage in combat.

This year, the Pilis Park Forest is organising tours to witness the autumn deer roaring, while Budakeszi Wildlife Park welcomes September with night visits.

In each case, weather-appropriate clothing and a flashlight or headlamp are required.

Tour dates

Szentendre & Budapest Forestry

Dates: 11 September - 1 October.

Meeting points:
For Budakeszi, assemble at 4.45pm at the Budakeszi Wildlife Park car park; for Szentendre, 6pm in Pilisszentlászló, outside the Kisrigó restaurant. Tour length: 2-3km.

Participation fee with online advance payment:
4,000 forints, under-14s 3,000 forints.

Registration & information:

Visegrád Forestry

Dates: Visegrád, 13 September; Pilismarót, 20 September.

Meeting points:
For Visegrád, 5.30pm at the Visegrád Nagyvillám car park; for Pilismarót, 5.30pm, at the end of Miklós Deák utca.

Tour time: 6pm-8.30pm.
Tour length: 3-4km.

Participation fee payable in cash on-site:
4,000 forints, under-14s, 2,000 forints.

Email with your phone number, no later than 10am on the day of the tour.

Gödöllő Forestry

Dates: 15, 23 & 28 September, 6pm at the Galgamácsa hunting lodge.

Tour time: 6.30pm-8.30pm.

Tour length: 3-4 km.

Participation fee payable in cash on-site:
7,000 forints.

Email with your phone number, no later than 10am on the day of the tour, or by Friday at 10am for weekend tours.

Valkó Forestry

Dates: 13, 16, 17, 26 September.

Meeting point:
Erzsébet-pihenő entrance (GPS: 47.576896, 19.429145, before the barrier) at 4.30pm (4pm 26 Sept). Binoculars also recommended.

Tour time 3 hours.
Tour length: 3-5 km.

Participation fee to be paid in advance:
7,000 forints.

No later than 4pm on the day before the tour, or by Friday at 2pm for weekend tours. Email with your phone number.

In addition to deer roaring tours, Budakeszi Wildlife Park offers four night guided tours through the autumn. Participants can observe the nocturnal life of animals on two walks, Enchanting Animals and Night of the Big Game.


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