Updated: Hungarian Politicians React to Shooting of Slovak PM

  • 21 May 2024 5:29 AM
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Updated: Hungarian Politicians React to Shooting of Slovak PM
Péter Szijjártó, the foreign minister, has called Wednesday’s shooting of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico “shocking and appalling”.

“Who would have thought that such a brutal attack could happen in central Europe?!” Szijjártó said in a post on Facebook. “We hope and pray for his speediest possible recovery,” the minister said, emphasising Fico’s importance to Slovakian and European politics.

Slovakia’s ethnic Hungarian Alliance party condemned the attack, saying violence and polarisation “are not the right path, as violence only breeds more violence”. “We deeply condemn all forms of violence, and we must fight against it together,” the party told MTI. “We wish Robert Fico a quick recovery,” they said in a statement.

World leaders have also condemned the shooting.

The Slovak prime minister was shot in the town of Handlova (Nyitrabánya), some 150 kilometres northeast of Bratislava. He was taken to hospital and a suspect has been detained.

Kövér Expresses 'Deep Shock' Over Attack on Slovak PM Fico

Speaker of Parliament László Kövér has expressed his “deep shock and total indignation” over the “brutal armed attack” against Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

“I would like to express my sincere sympathies to the family and the Slovak nation on behalf of myself and the Hungarian parliament at this difficult time,” Kövér said in a statement, adding that he was praying for Fico’s speedy recovery.

Orbán: 'Violence Must Stop!’

"Violence must stop! We must go to vote for peace on June 9!" Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Facebook.

Orbán said that thanks to the change of government in Slovakia, the country had started out on the road towards being pro-peace. This was great help for Hungary and “now this process has been halted, shot through”.

“A left-wing activist has committed an attack against the Slovak prime minister. Robert Fico has dropped out of work in the most important months. We trust that he will recover but now we must be fighting for peace alone,” he added.

“From now on, we must be fighting alone, at double strength. The European election has greater significance than ever before”, Orbán said.

Visiting Kecskemét, in south-eastern Hungary, as part of his campaign tour of the country ahead of the European parliamentary elections, he told local voters that “with its changing governments at the latest election, Slovakia set off on the path to becoming a pro-peace country.

This was a great help to Hungary, but the process has been interrupted by a leftist activist’s attempt to assassinate the Slovak prime minister.”

“Robert Fico is out of work in the most crucial months…” he added.

Viktor Orbán posted on TwitterI was deeply shocked by the heinous attack against my friend, Prime Minister Robert Fico. We pray for his health and quick recovery! God bless him and his country!

Karácsony Expresses Sympathies to Slovak PM Fico

Gergely Karácsony, the mayor of Budapest, has expressed his sympathies to Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico over Wednesday’s shooting that left him seriously injured.

In the letter addressed to Pavol Hamzik, the Slovak ambassador accredited to Budapest, Karácsony wished Fico a speedy recovery, expressing hope that his attacker would face trial as soon as possible.

Karácsony said the “horrific and violent act” was not just an attack on an elected official, but also on the democratic values that both nations held dear.

He said Hungary and Slovakia’s ties were rooted in their shared history, mutual respect for each other and their “joint efforts for a peaceful and prosperous future”.

“The attack against Slovakia’s democracy is an attack on democracy in general, and it is vital that we take a united stand against such threats,” the mayor said.

He expressed Budapest’s and Hungary’s solidarity with Slovakia, asking Slovakia’s ambassador to convey the sympathies of Budapest’s residents to Fico and the Slovak people. “Budapest is prepared to help its Slovak friends and neighbours in any way possible,” he added.

Gergely Karácsony posted on Twitter:I’m shocked after the tragic attempt on the life of Slovak PM @RobertFico. This heinous act of violence is not only an assault on an elected leader but also a blatant attack on democracy. We must stand united against such threats. Budapest stands in solidarity with Slovakia.

Orbán: Attack on Fico 'More Painful' Ahead of Important Election

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wished a speedy recovery to Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, adding that the attack was “all the more painful” because of the significance of the upcoming elections. Slovakia had started on the way to peace, “and that was great help for Hungary. We have lost that support now,” he said.

Suggesting a link between the assassination attempt and the war “would not be unjustified”, Orbán said, adding that “forceful centres of power have an interest in a continued Russia-Ukraine war.”

“There have not been many [countries] speaking in the voice of peace … apart from Hungary it has been the Vatican, and Slovakia has just turned in the direction of the peace camp,” Orbán said.

Referring to the attack on the Slovak prime minister, he said “one of those countries has dropped out, which means that Hungary must double its efforts and its work will become more difficult in Brussels, in fights with pro-war politicians.”

While an investigation into the assassination attempt is under way, “it is certain that the perpetrator was progressive, leftist, and pro-war,” he insisted.

Therefore, “assumptions of a link between the attempt and war are not unjustified; there are great forces behind pro-war politicians … from the Soros empire through weapon manufacturers, lenders, the top dogs and forceful power centres have an interest in a continued and escalating war,” he said.

Orbán suggested that the assassination attempt coincided with “other developments showing preparations for war”.

“The pro-war camp are in negotiations; that is when the head of the Soros empire and the American secretary of state have gone to Kyiv, and want to give more and more money to Ukraine,” he said.

“The ink hasn’t even dried on the agreement aimed at providing aid to Ukraine from a joint EU loan and NATO is already organising a mission to Ukraine, proposing to ensure a further 100 billion dollar financing for the war,” he said. Meanwhile, he warned that “NATO is not a charity of peace corps but a defence alliance, and it had better not prepare for a military mission outside the territory of NATO countries.”

The Hungarian government, he added, needed to make “serious efforts to prevent Hungary from being dragged into the war”.

The war “cannot be resolved on the battlefield … settlement can only be achieved through a ceasefire and at the negotiating table, therefore politicians must take over the command from generals,” Orbán said. “Let diplomats again take over from the soldiers,” he said.

The war in Ukraine destroys the economy, Orbán said, pointing to “wartime prices”, higher interest rates and energy prices, as well as more expensive shipping in Europe, which he said were all to be paid by citizens. “Those for peace must not be afraid; they must face the Soros empire, and if necessary,

American foreign policy, and they must make clear that it is in Europe’s interest that the parties return to the negotiating table rather than keep pushing for a hopeless military solution,” the prime minister said.

Szijjártó: Politically Motivated Assassination Attempt on Fico Serious Attack on Slovak Democracy, Sovereign Politics​​​​​​​

The politically motivated assassination attempt against Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is a grievous attack against Slovak democracy and “the country’s sovereign politics based on the will of the people”, Péter Szijjártó, the minister of foreign affairs and trade, said on Facebook, after a phone call with Peter Ziga, Slovakia’s interim speaker of parliament.

“My friend Peter said hope is growing as the days go by, but it will be a good many days before they will know anything definitive about the Slovak prime minister’s recovery,” Szijjártó said.

​​​​​​​Szijjártó lamented Fico “dropping out at a time when the work of all pro-peace politicians is sorely needed.” He conveyed Hungarians’ best wishes and said they were praying and hoping for Fico’s recovery.

MTI Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák


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