FloeWater: Eva Mendes Becomes the Face of New Hungarian Drink

  • 19 Jun 2024 3:05 PM
  • Hungary Today
FloeWater: Eva Mendes Becomes the Face of New Hungarian Drink
'Crystal clear', double-filtered drinking water in 250 ml and 500 ml aluminum cans with unparalleled filtration technology, is being launched by FloeWater featuring the image of American actress Eva Mendes, Index reports.

The filtered drinking water has a touch of Hollywood glamor, as internationally renowned American actress Eva Mendes has been chosen as the face of the beverage, the company announced in a press release, adding that

“She is known to be a health-conscious woman. She exercises daily, hydrates and has almost completely eliminated plastics from her life. Her charisma and commitment reflect the brand’s values, making it even more appealing to consumers worldwide.”

FloeWater holds the title of the world’s most popular ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage, and is about to undergo a revolutionary transformation as the company is set “to redefine the rules of beverage production with its new product, canned water.”

“The introduction of FloeWater in a can is one of our most significant and exciting product innovations this year, as we are using a revolutionary new filtration technology and entering a new category thanks to the pre-packaged format.

Not to mention the fact that a true Hollywood star, the glamorous Eva Mendes, has become the face of the brand,” stressed Adrienn Popovics, Marketing Director at HELL.

FloeWater will be available in 250 ml and 500 ml infinitely recyclable aluminum cans with BPA-free inner coating, in carbonated and non-carbonated versions, and can be found in stores from mid-June.

The cans will come in blue and gold and will feature an illustration of a whale to evoke ocean life, writes the release.

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