OZORA Festival, Dádpuszta, 26 July - 6 August

  • 5 Jun 2024 10:41 AM
OZORA Festival, Dádpuszta, 26 July - 6 August
This annual 'tribal gathering' is said to be one of the most influential psychedelic trance festivals in the world.

Started in 1999 to celebrate a solar eclipse, it has since grown into one of the most immersive festivals available anywhere.

With six music stages and many unique features it offers a wide range of arts and musical programs in a dream like valley with a lake. 
From the rganisers: 

Once you arrive

Relax and get into the vibe. Find your home for the week, make friends with your new neighbours, go explore a little. We want you to enjoy the gathering, let go of your troubles, and experience the unity of humankind.

Ozorian Principles

For us the Ozorian land isn’t just a place to party but the scene of our yearly global gathering where we come together as one tribe and share beautiful moments of honest human connection.

This is a place that we cherish, love and protect, so we ask all newcomers to keep in mind the following principles when joining us:

Leave no trace

Never throw your waste on the ground, use the pocket ashtray and trash bag we offer you upon your arrival. When taking down your camp, make sure to remove all ropes that endanger the local wildlife and take all the waste (even unwanted camping gear) to a trash deposit point.

Respect others

Do not forget that your freedom ends where another person’s freedom starts. We are all on our unique journey, a transformation in progress that cannot be forced or controlled. However, we can help each other by showing new ways of coexistence and acceptance. Share, care, help if you see it necessary, and respect each other’s journey, especially on the trancefloor!

Keep it down at the canpsites

We offer endless opportunities for dancing and listening to music 0-24 during the festival and we all need to rest and recover to truly enjoy our time here, so do not bring a sound system to your camp. Respect each other’s peace. We all have a better experience when our fellow Ozorians are happy and well-rested.

Our tips to make your stay more enjoyable

Most importantly: have fun, feel free and open your mind and heart. Take care of yourself and of each other! With such a large gathering it’s vital to treat everyone with respect and help anyone in need.

If you see someone looking a bit cold, hot or lost, please lend them a smile, help them get warm or cool down, and help them find their friends. One of the reasons we all love this scene is that we are a big global family, so let’s never forget to act like it.

Health advice

Dealing or using drugs is illegal at O.Z.O.R.A. Festival – as it is in Hungary. Taking drugs can be a dangerous and unpredictable experience that could ruin your and others’ festival adventure. Be careful and whatever you do, never consume unknown substances. Let’s get high on life and love instead!

In other cases, Haven is a place of safety where you can get help for yourself or someone else if they need psychological support, to manage psychedelic emergencies (e.g. bad trips) or spiritual crises, and discuss serious life issues. The experienced team of volunteers hands out vitamins, drinking water, salty snacks, glucose, drug information, and other helping services for free. Don’t hesitate to reach out!


Dehydration is also a known danger at summer festivals. Please drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated! Pure water is the cheapest and one of the most effective ways to do this. Alcohol is not a good option as it causes further dehydration. It’s always good to have a few packets of electrolyte supplements at hand just in case!

Please remember that it can get really hot and sunny in the summer months in
Hungary. This can often be the cause of overheating. Overexposure to sunlight can be dangerous too. Please, take time to cool down regularly and make use of the shaded areas as much as you can. Always use sunscreen, protect yourself from getting sunburned. Hats and wet headscarves are a great idea!

Fire safety

Fires are allowed if encircled with stones and guarded responsibly.

PLEASE DO NOT set fires close to trees or tents, and never leave them unattended!

Be good firekeepers and check for fire-related updates in case disaster management orders fire restrictions or a fire ban in especially hot dry weather to keep us all safe. Thanks in advance. Read more about FIRE SAFETY.

Dogs / Pets

If you can, please DO NOT bring your dog/s and pets to the festival for understandable reasons, but it’s not forbidden.

If you do bring them, please look after them at all times! Provide water for them! Clean up after them! Make sure they have collars and name tags with contact information in case they get lost. Please, don’t bring your dog if it is aggressive or in heat! 

Security & Safety

Try to camp with a group of friends. Get to know your neighbours and look out for each other’s belongings and campsites. Please do not leave valuables in and around your tent unattended! We will be doing our best to make the site as secure and safe as possible, but there are always going to be a few bad apples.

Be vigilant, and if you see anything suspicious, please report it immediately to a member of the security team or crew. Please do not take matters into your own hands. Leave it to the guys we employ whose job it is to keep you safe and protected.

If you lose something or someone, if you are looking for a lift back home, or just want to tell everyone you love them, feel free to use the large MESSAGE BOARD conveniently located at the crossroads by the Info Point.

Health advice

During the event, hospital care will be provided by the Dunaújváros Hospital. We ask everybody who has to go to the hospital to have their identity documents with them, as well as their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or travel insurance for healthcare.

If you do not have a European Health Insurance Card or travel insurance, you will have to pay for the medical treatment provided at the hospital according to the related Hungarian laws and regulations.

Location. Igar, Dádpuszta 7015.

Source and further info: Ozora Festival

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