Interview With Andrea Domján: Silva Method Of Stress Management & Mind Development

  • 12 May 2019 8:06 AM
Interview With Andrea Domján: Silva Method Of Stress Management & Mind Development
Your brain – the sectret diamond mine you have always been dreaming of…​​​​​​​The Silva Method of Stress Management and Mind Development offers tools to excavate the treasure.

Q:  As an expat living in Hungary I hear people casually mentioning the word ”Agykontroll” all the time, calling it Mind Control in English, which, I must confess, sounds a wee bit eerie to me... And this completely contradicts the happy faces of the people using this expression. I have often felt puzzled but never actually got round to asking the very simple question: What is ”Agykontroll”?

Andrea Domján: ”Agykontroll” is nothing to feel eerie about! It is a method of being able to use a greater proportion of our mental abilities to solve evereday problems, such as a fading memory, for example, and many more.

Q:  Ah, a fading memory! Now I’d be happy to do something about that, too!

Andrea Domján: Actually, this is how it all started back in the 1960s, when a Mexican immigrant to the USA with no formal education whatsoever wanted to help his kids do better at school. He himself had been deprived of attending school, as his family living in Laredo, Texas, were so poor they couldn’t do without the money little José was making in the streets polishing shoes and selling newspapers. He had always resented this and really wanted his children to enjoy the luxury of being able to go to school. But they didn’t!

Q:  Which is quite understandable! Who likes going to school…?

Andrea Domján: José Silva thought school was the greatest of places, where a person’s insatiable curiosity could be filled with intelligent and reliable answers. And his curiosity was like that. Without anyone to guide him, he always followed the urges of his own questioning mind, always reading up on any topic that interested him.

Q:  I’m starting to think that it may have been a blessing for him not to have gone to school. It is this intrinsic curiosity that school often kills? 

Andrea Domján: Absolutely! However, I believe modern schools are doing much better in this respect. Anyway, back to José Silva and his kids. He had read up on hypnosis, too, and thought that he could use that to help his children retain more of the material they had to learn.

Q:  Hypnosis, with kids? Isn’t that supposed to be dangerous?

Andrea Domján: What is hypnosis? Nothing really special. Just a deeply relaxed state, similar to being asleep, and interestingly, in this state the mind becomes more receptive, and therefore open to any information. All José did was relax his children deeply, and read out a given chapter of the textbook they were studying. In this relaxed state the children remembered practically everything without all the frustrating work they had had to go through before their dad tried this new method with them.

Q: And did they really do better at school?

Andrea Domján: Did they ever? So much better that when word went around why the Silva kids were suddenly excelling all the parents wanted their children to attend uncle José’s sessions, too.

Q: So, hypnosis is the key? 

Andrea Domján: Well, yes and no. After a while José realized that although the children’s memory grew immensely, their problem solving abilities lagged a little bit behind. He felt that the brain’s ability to solve practical problems was in some ways better when it was awake than when it was in this relaxed state. He started experimenting with the kids to see if he could let them relax and stay adequately awake at the same time so that the advantages of both worlds could be reaped. This is how he developed the Silva Method, where people can learn how to relax while still retaining their practical problem solving abilities.

Q: But I gather that the Silva Method is not just about memory and learning?

Andrea Domján: You’re absolutely right. Along those lines José Silva developed techniques to help with pain relief, for example. If you have a headache, you could get rid of it in just a few minutes by using the very simple Headache Control Technique.

Q: But if I have headaches because of high blood pressure, or – heaven forbid – a brain tumor?

Andrea Domján: Obviously, you must always consult your doctor if you have recurring headaches. The Silva Headache Control Technique should be used in the case of stress related headaches. But most headaches are like that. So most people with headaches are suffering or taking painkillers needlessly as they could end their plight in just a few minutes by applying this easy-to-learn technique.

Q: What about migraine?

Andrea Domján: Ah, yes! One of my favourite topics! What a lot of people don’t know is that migraine headaches belong to this category, too. They look upon their migraine attacks as an inevitable curse of destiny, and yet, I know quite a number of people whose migraine headaches faded away and then completely disappeared in just a few weeks by applying this very simple technique.

This is a revolutionary possibility to eradicate this terrible affliction so many people are suffering from. And what makes it even more inspiring is that the Silva Method requires no medication to get rid of these headaches.

Q: Quite inspiring, I’d have to agree on this. What other uses can the Silva Method be put to?

Andrea Domján: The possibilities are practically endless. Another one of my favourite possibilities is getting rid of bad habits, such as overeating, smoking, drinking, or even worse.

Q: You’ve told me that this was how you yourself had lost 25 kgs a few years ago?

Andrea Domján: Yes, that was a wonderful experience. Besides, I didn’t need to rely on my will-power to do so. Will-power often proves too weak when the need for instant gratification sets in. But what will-power cannot achieve, imagination in a realaxed state can.

Q: Imagination? How?

Andrea Domján: The trick is to imagine the joys of the new habit of eating healthy food, not smoking, etc.  If you keep doing that for a month in a relaxed state, say three times each day for a few miutes, the new habit, which only existed in the realm of imagination, will suddenly prove to be stronger than the old one. And this change takes place automatically.

Q: Automatically?

Andrea Domján: That’s the beauty of it. It all happens like a miracle, on its own, after a sufficient number of mental images have been supplied to the mind. Albert Einstein once said that imagination is more important than knowledge. And those who have learnt to apply the simple but extremely effective tools of the Silva Method are living proof of this.

Q: In what  other areas can the Silva Method be put to use?

Andrea Domján: In almost anything and everything. Treating insomnia, reaching goals of prosperity, finding your true love, enhancing your health, the list is practically endless. Besides, there turned out to be a completely unforseen side effect that José had never actually expected: an acute sense of intuition also develops when practising the Silva techniques regularly.

Q: Intuition? You mean like the sixth sense?

Andrea Domján: Exactly! On the fourth day of the Silva course partcipants are awed at their own ability to tune in with information concerning the illness of people they have never met. On average, they are able to tell with 80% accuracy what those pople’s ailment is, and very often other details of their character, too.

Q: Now, that’s what I meant at the beginning! Doesn’ this sound eerie to you?

Andrea Domján: Not at all! This is a natural ability within everybody. We have just forgotten how to use it over millenia of civilization. Has it never happened to you that you got a phone call, and at the same moment you remembered a friend, and when you looked at the phone it happened to be that very friend calling?

Q: Well, actually, yes. It has happened to me on several occasion.

Andrea Domján: This is our innate sense of detecting information in subtle ways, using the ability of the mind at the subconscious level. This natural ability is boosted by the relaxation exercises the Silva Method uses.

Q: Amazing! But why would I want to develop this dormant ability of mine? Is it useful for me to know who is calling?

Andrea Domján: If you know how to rely on your own hidden wisdom you will be able to make better decisions in all areas of your life: what job to take, which man / woman to marry, who to do business with, who to trust, who not to trust, etc.

Q: I can see your point. I feel, however, a bit overwhelmed with all these prospects.

Andrea Domján: This may all sound a little daunting, but the Silva Method is anything but. It’s simple, easy to use, and mainly and mostly, a lot of fun.

Q: I hear there is a 4-day course coming up soon in English too. When and where?

Andrea Domján: Besides the many courses available in Hungarian  we hold a few sessions in English too. The next one will be on 22nd-23rd and 29th-30th June 2019 at Szebb Életért Központ. The address is: 4, Fiumei út, VIIIth district, Budapest.

Q: Four full days? Quite a commitment to make.

Andrea Domján: Yes, but that time is really worth it considering all that one experieces and learns during these two week-ends. In the 60s and 70s these courses lasted a full school term.

But over the years José Silva has managed to introduce ever better ways of passing on this knowledge, so now the seminar offers the essence of all the wisdom collected over these decades in a very effective manner. By now it has become the state of the art course for teaching the participants how to discover the inner possibilies of their own minds.

Q: And the price is…?

Andrea Domján: As the Hungarian courses are tailored to the somewhat restricted financial abilities of the Hungarian public we have decided to keep it quite low for the expatriate community, too, so as not to have too large a gap between people of different nationalities living in the same country.

However, the Silva Method is offered at a much higher price all over the world, and I must say it’s worth every penny of it. But for those fortunate enough to be living, albeit temporarily, in one of the most successful countries in the world as far as the number of Silva graduates is concerned (around 300 000 in Hungary), you can take advantage of the exceptional rates we are offering: 200 euros (or its equivalent in HUF) for the 4-day course.

The course is advertised on my Facebook page: The Silva Method in Hungary in English, as well as on the Hungarian homepage

Q: Thank you very much for telling us about these wonderful prospects. It all sounds wonderful, but I must admit there is a faint voice of disbelief whispering words of doubt in my ears…

Andrea Domján: I know this may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. Besides, nobody needs to believe anything I say. Try it and you’ll see for yourself. Our brain is like a super computer which we are presently using as a cutting board in the kitchen. I think it’s time to plug it in, turn it on and discover its true potential.

Date: 22nd-23rd and 29th-30th June 2019

Time: 9.00-18.00

Szebb Életért Központ
4, Fiumei út, 8th district, Budapest, Hungary

200 euros or its equivalent in HUF

Andrea Domján via email

Facebook page: 
The Silva Method in Hungary in English

Hungarian homepage:

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