Invitation: 'International Meeting Point', 24 April

  • 22 Apr 2013 9:00 AM
Invitation: 'International Meeting Point', 24  April
If you're an expat who just arrived in town, and you would like an easy way to socialise with fellow foreigners and locals alike; or if you're Hungarian and would like to practice English, French, or many other languages in a cheerful atmosphere, then this 'International Meeting Point' may be for you.

As you probably know, Budapest attracts more and more foreigners/expats/Erasmus students, but it is not always easy to meet new people. There are also lots of Hungarians who would like to meet foreigners to improve their language skills.

This is why Ivan Thiriez, a friendly and enthusiastic expat, decided to launch the International Meeting Point Budapest Facebook group. For a while now he has organised a meeting every 2 weeks in bars or terraces/courtyards (depending on the weather) that are fun and affordable. The group welcomes anyone who would like to have a beer with an internationally minded crowd.

The most recent event took place in VakEgér, during which French delicacies were served by Le Gourmet de Bordeaux. Visit the facebook group to stay tuned about upcoming events.

See you at VakEgér for another great and very special international night. It's free, and it's a great way to meet other expats, erasmus or locals in Budapest :)

The Gourmet de Bordeaux tasting was very successful, so we'll do it again: Le Gourmet de Bordeaux will propose some French delicacies (gastronomic products on baguette) for 150Ft each.

For IMP facebook members, plates of 1000Ft will have 10 of them instead of 8! Just show the wristband.
Some French wine will also be proposed (by dl).

Join us to share some beers, food and good laughs.
Don't hesitate to come and promote the event, everybody's welcome! And of course, it's a free event...

As usual, there will be special prices on drinks : Jägermeister & Fény shots will be at 390Ft (Shots of syrup & CO2 pressurized cold vodka)

19:00 - Gourmet de Bordeaux will start offering food
22:30 - A free lottery will be made among IMP facebook members. One of you will win a bottle a fine french wine, a red Bordeaux Château Chivadeau 2011!!!

22:35 - Global picture for xpatloop

01:00 - End of event

Don't hesitate to join the International Meeting Point facebook group to stay up to date with our upcoming events.

Don't forget to ask me for your free red wristband: it will allow you the discounts, to participate to the free lottery for a bottle of Bordeaux wine (1 numbered wristband will be chosen), and also as it's practical to see who's part of the IMP (so to who you can talk to)

See you all there!

PS keep in mind that the group is created only to have fun and meet new people; it’s an informal group without any business interests.

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