'Gone With The Wind', Budapest Operetta Theatre, In June

  • 5 May 2014 9:00 AM
'Gone With The Wind',  Budapest Operetta Theatre, In June
This is the musical version of the classic novel by Margaret Mitchell, in which Scarlett O'Hara attempts to win the hearts of the audience with the American Civil War as the monumental backdrop. French composer Gerard Presgurvic is well known to enthusiasts of the musical genre; even after 500 performances, his Romeo and Juliet is still playing to full houses in Budapest.

This version of Gone with the Wind, which premiered in Paris in 2003, was first staged in Hungary at the Szeged Festival in summer 2013, and the success story continues within the walls of the Budapest theatre from December 2013.

Dates & times: 

12. June 19:00
13. June 19:00 
14. June 19:00
15. June 19:00 
17. June 19:00 
18. June 19:00 
19. June 19:00 
20. June 19:00

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Phone: 353-2172, 472-2030

Source: operettszinhaz.hu

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