The All Nations Lions Club Budapest Puts A Smile On The Faces Of 1,000 Children

  • 15 Oct 2015 10:00 AM
The All Nations Lions Club Budapest Puts A Smile On The Faces Of 1,000 Children
Every year the All Nations Lions Club Budapest packs 1,000 bags for giving them away to children in need on St. Nicholas’ Day, putting a big smile on the faces of those girls and boys. However, this more than ten years old tradition of the club would not work without the kind support of organizations, companies and private persons who provide donations and donations in kind. Hence also this year the club is asking for such donations.

Across the world Saint Nicholas is well known for being the patron saint of the children and the donor of donations and gifts for helping people. As a social organization the All Nations Lions Club Budapest (ANLC), a community of more than 20 people from eight countries who live in Budapest, has a comparable mission – especially every year on St. Nicholas’ Day.

On this day the members of the club turn practically into St. Nicholases for 1,000 children because since more than ten years the ANLC prepares for St. Nicholas’ Day 1,000 bags for children in need that are filled with small gifts. A major part of those children live in children’s homes. As visible on the pictures, this outstanding project touches really the hearts and souls of those children and turns their St. Nicholas’ Day into an unforgettable experience of happiness.

Thus the members of the ANLC developed a very high personal commitment to this project. Also this year they will meet approximately a week before St. Nicholas’ Day and will fill the bags with things that please children. The content of the bags depends pretty much on what donors are willing to give for this project. Usually the bags contain for example some sweets, small toys and, if suitable for children, promotional gifts, books and also clothes.

After the packaging the club arranges the delivery of the bags to the children - if possible including the opportunity for handing the bags over in person. Because nothing is more rewarding than seeing a child’s smile when he or she realizes that somebody took care of him or her.

However, the filling of the 1,000 bags could not be done without the tangible support of sponsors and donators. Therefore the club kindly asks companies, organizations and private persons for support. Especially donations in kind (including suitable promotional gifts) would be welcome but also financial donations are much appreciated.

In return for donations equivalent approximately 50,000 HUF or more the ANLC offers to present the logos of the donators on the online media of the club (website and Facebook site) and to link the logos to the donators’ website.

For the detailed framework and for offers in exchange for donations and sponsorship as well as for more information about the ANLC please take a look at the following pages or contact: Edward Milhoffer e-mail or Andreas Vogler  e-mail

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