Escape From Budapest To 4 Rivers Floating Lodge Cambodia

  • 18 Mar 2014 8:00 AM
Escape From Budapest To 4 Rivers Floating Lodge Cambodia
Away from the tourist trail in Northern Cambodia there is an unspoilt place in the virgin forest, where rare orchids and fragrant frangipani grow, where birds of paradise fly and breath-taking colours await, along with secretive jungle creatures and a perfumed air of peace, combining to create a unique retreat from the modern world.

This natural miracle comes complete with an environmentally friendly hideaway, one that captures the imagination and provides the luxury of a boutique resort. Remote but accessible, getting to 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is your opportunity to acclimatise yourself with the countryside in Cambodia, and its smiling and welcoming people.

The resort is well situated in Tatai, close to the Thai border, halfway between Bangkok and Phnom Penh - via Koh Chang. Highway 48 cuts straight through the jungle, with dramatic views of the magnificent Cardamom Mountains. Tatai is just 20 minutes by car from Koh Kong, four hours from Phnom Penh.

A retreat in 4 Rivers Floating Lodge begins as you board a wooden boat for a trip downstream to the resort, which takes less than 30 minutes. A typical day starts with the truly awesome sight of the Cardamom mountains. As the mist clears over the water, there is little to disturb the natural calm other than the plop and splash of a feeding fish, the startled cry of a far-off bird, or perhaps the growl of a jungle animal returning to its home after a kill.

Safe on the floating lodge structure, build under the expert guidance of an experienced Hungarian engineer, each of the 12 double and twin-bed tented villas is a space-age wonder, combining luxury with practicality within 45sqm. Click here to see an interactive panorama of the tent

Cocooned in comfort, surrounded by top-quality furnishings and decoration, each villa has a flat-screen television and DVD player, and a mini-bar. Not that DVD movies, messages and recorded sound will be any match for the natural wonders you will witness from your private sun-lounger balcony, where you can enjoy anything from an afternoon snack to a sunset cocktail.

Away from everyday stress, 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is quickly eraning the reputation of the definitive vacation getaway, a place that stimulates the senses, where you quickly forget where you came from, as well as any pressures of work or life in general.

What Cambodians don’t know about freshwater and saltwater fish really isn’t worth caring about. It’s a fact recognised by top celebrity chef Rick Stein, who travelled to southeast Asia to write his Far Eastern Odyssey bestseller and make a BBC TV series about the food and culinary skills he picked up in Cambodia.

Especially when considering its remote location, and the need to boat in any ingredients, 4 Rivers Floating Lodge provides a first-class taste of the heart of Cambodian food. Guests quickly come to understand, and agree, why Khmer People are so proud of their dishes. Incorporating international trends, the resort’s chef successfully mixes and matches local ingredients with high-end food culture when serving-up treats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All complemented by the sommelier’s choice of libation from a carefully chosen cellar of fine wines and spirits.

The aim of 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is for guests to feel spoiled for choice. With much to see and do, it’s easy to resist the temptation to stay in the comfort of your tent. At any time guests can feel refreshed after a dip in the river, morning is a favourite time for many to start the day this amazing way. In the evenings it’s a real treat to simply lounge around by the restaurant enjoying the majestic colours of the setting sun.

Venturing further afield, organised trekking tours into the jungle offer guests the chance to discover the customs, beliefs and natural cures of the inhabitants of the Cardamom Mountains and its forests. Experience first hand the sights and sounds of an untouched tropical paradise, penetrate deeper into the undergrowth and use a camera to shoot and capture the beauty of one of the world’s largest rainforests.

4 Rivers also offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend time with the neighbours. Theirs is a simple life that up close and personal has had a profound affect on all those who share it for even the shortest time.

Rich in natural beauty, Tatai River is the highway to the wonders of the Cardamoms and Southeast Asia’s largest coastal mangrove. Guests can kayak down river, with an experienced local guide, through the mangrove waterways that reach back into the jungle. Indulge in a hydro massage courtesy of the majestic Tatai Waterfalls, team up with some locals and try fishing for supper, or snuggle up with a special someone during a Sunset Cruise.

The river is all things to all people, from trailblazers to romantics. 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is the same; everyone who makes it there will leave more relaxed and happier thanks to every experience there in eco-paradise.

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The Cardamoms is located in the southwest of Cambodia. Since it is considered the most pristine wilderness area in Southeast Asia, getting there will all be worthwhile.

The distance from Phnom Penh to the resort is 278 km. Sihanoukville is 214 km and Koh Kong is 20 km away. You must note that this lodge is only accessible by boat. All you need to do is arrive at our embarking dock. We provide complimentary incoming and outgoing boat transfers every day.

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