SIRHA Budapest – International Trade Fair With Domestic Flavours @ Hungexpo

  • 11 Mar 2014 8:02 AM
SIRHA Budapest –  International Trade Fair With Domestic Flavours @ Hungexpo
Until 12 March 2014 SIRHA Budapest welcomes manufacturers, distributors and purchasers from the food, baking and confectionery industries, and from the hotel, catering and culinary sectors. HUNGEXPO used a new concept when organising this trade fair, where all the partners from former FOODAPEST, UKBA and HOVENTA trade exhibitions are welcomed.

The SIRHA food and catering trade show plays a major role in the series of international trade exhibitions. Last time in Lyon (France) 162 000 visitors and 2 200 exhibitors participated in the biannual event.

In Hungary HUNGEXPO was given exclusive rights to organise a trade fair under the SIRHA brand. In addition to the international support we are working together with many professional partners.

In both organisation and communication METRO Hungary is one of the trade fair’s special partners. Professional partners include the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy, Hungarian Tourism Zrt.’s Agricultural Marketing Centre Chief Executive Directorate, while Trade magazine is a special media partner and the official journal of SIRHA Budapest.

Minister of Rural Development Dr Sándor Fazekas is the chief patron of the event.

The SIRHA brand’s international prestige, government support, high-quality professional programmes, good timing from the food industry’s perspective and participating representatives of the trade guarantee a firm background for the trade show’s implementation.

Programmes include the Hungarian final of Bocuse d’Or, the SIRHA Budapest Dessert Competition with contribution from Zoltán Kolonics, the programmes of the Hungarian Food Industry Fair, MVI’s (Guild of Hungarian Restaurateurs) conference, the ÉLOSZ (National Association of Catering Executives) trade day and many other shows and conferences.

The trade fair’s goal isn’t only to introduce the most important actors in the industry but also to give Hungarian experts access to competitions and shows of international quality, and to create an opportunity for talented professionals to introduce themselves.

Detailed program:

Bocuse d’Or Hungarian Selection

12. March 2014.

Bocuse d’Or with its more than two decade-long history acclimatized that kind of competition in the whole world where the participants have to prepare their dishes within a given time in front of the jury that includes the best chefs of the world. After the accomplishments of Tamás Széll at the Bocuse d’Or Lyon 2013, the hungarian chefs will be able to show their bests again at the Gourmet by SIRHA Budapest exhibition.

The programs of the Creative Kitchen Forum and Master Pastry Chef, Zoltán Kolonics

Dessert of the Year Competition

11. March 2014. Tuesday

10.00 Creams in the domestic confectionery industry
- technology, raw materials, presentation: hungarian custard squares and mille feuille
11.00 „Allergic-free desserts” – Confectionery handicraft for people with food allergy
11.30 Ice cream evolution
12.00 – 13.00 break
13.00 Confectionery without borders: foreign guest presentation
14.00 Beginning of the Dessert of the Year Competition
14.00 BASIC products: chocolate
Quality standards, processing, technology, hungarian successes, presentation, bonbon making
15.00 How to reform, develop your pastry shop?
technology, raw material, packaging, economy
16.00 Tea-desserts in the afternoon (teacakes, madeleine, gingerbread)
16.30 Presentations of the pastry works of the Dessert of the Year Competition
17.00 Award Ceremony of the Dessert of the Year Competition

Confectionery co-programs:
1. Hungarian traditions in the confectionery: strudel variations
Hand made strudels of one strudel making woman from East-Hungary and one from West-Hungary in four flavours.

2. Sugar sculpturing, chocolate sculpturing
Building of a sugar and a chocolate sculpture with the possibility to follow the processes

The programs of the Magyar Pékek Fejedelmi Rendje (Princely Estate of Hungarian Bakers)

• The traditions and modernization of the bakery industry in the 21th century
• Basket of the trade – presenting unique products that illustrates the variegation of the bakery industry
• Demonstration bakery that will countinuously wait the professionals and the student. Traditional bakery products produced by modern equipment, and presentation of packaging materials
• Preparing caracteristical products of the region, presentations of traditional kneading
• Exhibition of the Bread Museum of Komárom
• Demonstrating the presentation materials of the Food Industrial Student's Scientific Circle
• Professional forums
Topic: The link between the baker industry and the catering industry, food industrial and nutritional trends
• Further professional presentations

Pizza e Pasta Italiana shows

11 March 2014 (Tuesday) - Giropizza of Europe will be held at 11 o’clock. The international pizza making contest that decides who makes the best pizza at the trade fair. Giropizza of Europe takes place in more cities all over the continent every year.

12 March 2014 (Wednesday) – Show cooking and samples from dough made with an indirect method - letting dough rise for a long time - from the master pizza makers of Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli.

Presentation of hte Magyar Bútor Galéria Kft. (Hungarian Furniture Gallery Ltd.)

The DomoTrend by the Hungarian Furniture Gallery plans to show the latest trends of public textiles and wallpapers besides the hotel and restorant equipment on the Gourmet by SIRHA Budapest 2014 exhibition.

SIRHA Budapest Wine Island

At the SIRHA Budapest Wine Island guest presenters will be speaking about topics such as wine and tourism, sommelier training, quality wines and wine retail in Horeca units.
Cooperating partner: Vinopolis

Future Store

‘Future Store Innovations 2014’ – Once again visitors will have the opportunity to see what a food store will be like in the future, to familiarise themselves with the many innovative products and services. As usual SIRHA Budapest’s official journal, Trade magazin and Trade Marketing Club will build the store of the future. Just like in former years nearly 40 companies will present their newest and best services, sales/POS tools and of course their latest products. If you would like to see what the future brings, you can register for guided tours around Future Store at stand 204 of Pavilion A free of charge. Groups of 25-30 visitors will be guided around the store by experts.

Programmes by NAIK – Food Science Research Institute:

11 March (Tuesday)
11:00 Chocolate tempering, making chocolate decorations
13:00 Making desserts in a glass
14:00 Guest presenter
15:00 Ideas with chocolate - coin, spoon

12 March (Wednesday)
11:00 Chocolate tempering, making chocolate bars
13:00 Bonbon making
14:00 Guest presenter
15:00 Making chocolate decorations

The programmes will take place at stand 212/G in Pavilion A.

Address: 1101 Budapest, Albertirsai út 10
(1) 263 6000

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