Millipop Summercamp In Budapest In 2014

  • 18 Jun 2014 8:00 AM
Millipop Summercamp In Budapest In 2014
We have good news; summer has arrived and VACATION is approaching. We are glad to report that Millipop has established its summer camp. Millipop Mosolytábor is offering Great Experiences for children from June 16 in 2014 for 10 consecutive weeks.

We have created an opportunity for children to experience the feeling of a real holiday in Millipop Mosolytábor located in the heart of Buda. Our unique facility is located in the greenfield of Millenáris’ park with lakes, where the visitors can feel to be outdoors and indoors, at the same time, enjoying the sunshine thanks to the huge windows and open terrace of our Loft building.

Our vivid camp is offering many thematically categorised opportunities to serve the different needs and interests of children allowing them to choose the most appropriate free time activity for themselves.

Our basic principle is that they deserve to have a rest after the tiring academic year, thus when scheduling the activities, we kept in mind to find the perfect balance between specialised activities and carefree playing.

Though the specialised activities are also filled with playing, the afternoon is totally left for the children to enjoy themselves. A dream has come true by creating a magnificent playing experience for the children on 2,800 square meter area.

Every group leader is a carefully selected person, who is well-trained and experienced and possesses great sense of responsibility. We find individual mentoring and helping very important. Our leaders are friendly with and open towards children.

Catering is available in the cafeteria of Millipop. Our chefs, similarly to Mommy’s kitchen, offer carefully chopped and selected healthy food.

The day, in our camp, starts with a plentiful breakfast located in our terrace of sunshine. The three course lunch is offered in a buffet style. Snack is available all day, should the children feel hungry anytime. Food is not portioned, giving enough room for everyone to choose what they like the best. Drinks and fruit are available all day.

Our objective is to inform and educate the children with a lot of playing to create wonderful experiences for the children about the holiday spent in Mosolytábor.

Millipop Mosolytábor is welcoming everyone who wants to spend a wonderful week in the Funfair park of Buda.

Millipop summer camp is waiting for you with great experiences 2014.

For more information (in Hungarian) visit: Millipop Mosolytábor

Translated by Christian Keszthelyi

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