CEU Business School Budapest Event, 11 November

  • 10 Nov 2014 8:01 AM
CEU Business School Budapest Event, 11 November
Organizational Culture, Quality Performance & Integrity In Multinationals This research focuses on the relationship between quality performance and integrity in multinational companies seen from the perspective of organizational culture. The assumption is that in order for a global company to be able to reach and maintain high levels of productivity, smooth and efficient managerial strategies, as well as to pursue integrity, a close attention is needed to the culture of the corporation. Culture does not only mean the internal work environment, communication and leadership.

This project takes culture both in the sense of corporate culture, but also referring to the cultural backgrounds of managers, and the national cultures of the countries in which companies operate.

Our main research questions are: to which extent are quality performance and integrity of a company influenced by the cultures of the organization and of its leaders? How can measurement of changes in the organizational culture ensure control of quality performance through time?

This research seminar will be presented by Davide Torsello, Associate Professor for Social and Cultural Anthropology at CEU Business School. Professor Davide Torsello is the winner of CEU Outstanding Research Award for 2013-2014 Academic Year, to learn more please click here: CEU Business School Research Award Winner

Date and time: 11 November 12:15 - 13:45

This event is opne to public

Venue: CEU Business School
Address: 1023 Budapest, Frankel Leó 30-34.

Source: CEU Business School Budapest

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