Xpat Opinion: Best Bars & Clubs In Budapest

  • 8 Jan 2015 10:55 AM
Xpat Opinion: Best Bars & Clubs In Budapest
Budapest has a increasingly legendary nightlife scene. Keep in mind I do not use the word legendary lightly. This nightlife enthusiast has ransacked most of the globe in search of the best fiesta spots. The clubs/bars listed below are ones every expat and traveler alike should experience during their stay in this charming; yep sexy city.

Well located right next to better known Ötkert (more about its neighbor below), downtown at Széchenyi István tér 7-8..

If it is late in the night you might get turned off by the line to get in, but the good news is you can skip it without having to purchase a bottle of bubbly. The price for VIP in Kraft is 3000 HUF, this will allow you to jump to the front of the line. Sweet huh?

The layout is catered more towards dancing, to be heard you have to shout pretty loudly. I wish I could tell you what music they predominantly played or the correct layout of the club but to be honest if you do Budapest right like I did, you won't remember.

All I can say here is that if you are not fully satisfied with what is going on near by in Ötkert, this is the next best venue. If it's a weekend the club will surely be full, and rockin.

If you are only here for one weekend evening, you must come here! You will quickly whistle with glee once you arrive and witness the sexy ambience.

Picture this; music pumping, comely and attractive patrons dressed to impress, a perfect mix of locals and expats, and an anaconda sized line to get in....

Ok that last part doesn’t sound too appealing does it? But that is what you will be dealing with if you come on a Saturday. I once waited over half an hour to get in and I once cut the line and waited only a few seconds.

If you want to splurge a bit that night then I suggest you get a bottle and a table. A bottle of Moet will set you back 25,000 HUF and a table will set you back 100 euro. With that hefty price tag you are permitted to skip the line and walk in like the smooth criminal you are.

If you paid for a bottle you will be provided with the assistance of a club worker who can bring you any extra drinks you may want from the bar. From there just relax and enjoy the mellifluous sound of top chart hits and kick back with your buddies.

If you did not pay for bottle service you have no choice but to wait and glare at those cutting you who did. After you get in there is a 1500 HUF cover charge, once paid you will be given a ticket.... this is a drink ticket! Yes you are given a ticket worth 1000 HUF for any drink your damaged lungs desire. It took my compadres and I a few visits to realize this. We thought it was just club propaganda.

The club layout is perfect for dancing as well as hanging out. There is a dance floor right smack in the center of the club equipped with a bar on both the east and west wing. However if you go around to the next room you will find the music to be less strong and chat friendly.

Last but not least the drinks are a bit pricey so I suggest pre gaming at home. Go for something your drink ticket will fully cover for your initial drink, like a glass of Jim Bean.

If you arrive to town on a Thursday then this spot is a no brainer! While most venues see tumbleweed on Thursdays, this spot is as full as a weekend night.

This venue is located just around a corner from the two places mentioned above, it isn't as spacious as Kraft or Otkert though but it can be just as fun. The music mostly consists of Hip Hop, R&B, and some top chart songs, which made my musical ear sprint. This New York kid needed him some Biggie and Diddy.

The layout is standard; bar on east wing, tables and couches on the west wing, dance floor in the center and DJ in the back.

The drinks are the same price as Kraft and Otkert so some pre gaming is also recommended. To give you an idea a glass of Jameson will set you back 1140 HUF (approx $4.5).

The backpacker epicenter, as I like to call it, on Kazinczy utca 14. I can only recommend this place if you want to go out on a Mon, Tues, or Wed. The reason for that is mostly only other backpackers will have the time to drink on those nights too, hard life we live eh? Any other place will be closed or pretty empty.

There is a low chance of meeting locals here but you might run into fellow travelers you met before, I know I did. Also, there is no need to pre game when coming here. A glass of Jameson is only 800 HUF!

The layout is quite funky as well, think ultra hipster beer garden.

Often you will hear locals scoff at the sound of this venue's name but I found it to be a great after hours spot at at Nagymező utca 38.. Everyday until 6 am?! You really can't beat that.

The layout is quite spacious as well and can be the only venue to carry the party over too. This goes for the weekend as well, keep in mind most places will be closing at 5am.

If that isn't enough to convince you to poke your head in, Instant is known as the biggest ruin pub in Budapest, so it's definitely worth a visit.

By Alejandro Jose
Budapest is the 8th city this mischievous young vagabond has visited on his recent fun loving worldwide backpacking trip.

His opinion does not necessarily represent the views of this portal. Your opinion articles are welcome too, for review before possible publication, via info@xpatloop.com
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