'Love Of Animals Festival', Budapest Zoo, 1-6 October

  • 2 Oct 2015 9:03 AM
'Love Of Animals Festival', Budapest Zoo, 1-6 October
The six-day event offers educational and entertainment programs which animal and plant lovers shouldn't miss. The organizations and associations are waiting for the audience with interesting stories about species conversation, responsible animal husbandry, and bird protection.

The visitors can make bird feeds and attend bird watching. Creative crafts tent, educational occupations, wooden toy making and playground are awaiting the little ones.

On 3 and 4 October, visitors can admire bonsai plants and can seek professional advice and demonstrations about bonsai keeping.

Ticket prices:

Adult ticket: 2500 HUF
Child's ticket (2-14 years)
Children under 14 years can not enter the Zoo without adult supervision. 1800 HUF
Student's ticket (with ISIC) 1900 HUF

Family ticket: 2 adults with 2 children (2-14 years)
Discount ticket for additional children: 1300 HUF 7300 HUF

Group ticket for Adults - at least 10 persons 2000 HUF/person
Group ticket for Children (2-14 years) at least 10 persons 1300 HUF/person
Group ticket for Students (with ISIC) at least 10 persons1400 HUF/person

Source and detailed program: http://zoobudapest.com/tervezz-velunk/programtervezo/allatszeretet-fesztival

Proofread by Írj Jól Szolgáltató Kft

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