Top 9 Ice Rinks in Budapest

  • 19 Jan 2024 6:22 AM
Top 9 Ice Rinks in Budapest
Here's a quick photo guide from WeLoveBudapest to help you explore the capital's best ice rinks, where you can glide through enchanting ice corridors, twirl on a spacious 1200-square-meter rink, skate amidst Ice Age creatures, or hit the ice dance floor at these exciting locations.

1. City Park Ice Rink

For over a century, the City Park Ice Rink has been a winter sports haven. Today, it remains the ideal spot for seasonal fun. Glide gracefully to festive tunes surrounded by twinkling lights and a backdrop of turn-of-the-century charm. Take a break at the snack bar, enroll in ice skating lessons, and rent a bobby for the little ones.

Admission: HUF 4,000 for adults during the priority period
Skate rental: available

2. Csepel Ice Park

Located next to the Szent Imre tér stop of the HÉV, Csepel Ice Park welcomes skaters until February 29th. The panoramic ice rink, illuminated by beautiful lights, consists of two large sections connected by an exciting ice corridor.

Admission: HUF 2,000
Skate rental: available

3. Budapest Park

The open-air concert venue Budapest Park has converted its dance floor into a magical frozen realm. Here, you can immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere with Christmas music, a towering tree, ice skating, warm cocktails, and the added delight of donning ugly sweaters, all on a larger rink compared to the previous year.

Admission: adults HUF 3,719 in the peak season
Skate rental: available

4. Miamor

Winter thrives at the summer hotspot Római-part (Roman Embankment). Miamor offers a covered winter garden with stalls, markets, delicacies, and a children's corner. Bring your skates; a small rink is available until March 4th.

Admission: free of charge
Skate rental: available

5. Hello Buda

Experience genuine winter chalet vibes at Hello Buda, offering a free ice rink in the Buda Hills. Indulge in baked goods, pulled pork, fried meat, and Neapolitan pizzas at the food court. Work off those treats with some physical exercise.

Admission: HUF 2,500
Skate rental: available

6. Jégkert

At Jégkert, there's room for everyone. Join hockey and skating lessons or sign up for evening skating. Quench your thirst with a selection of 24 craft beers at the Jégkert Kraft Beer Bar, and enjoy lunch and dinner.

Admission: HUF 3,500 for adults in the peak season
Skate rental: available

7. Marczibányi Téri Sports Centre

The Marczibányi Tér Sports Centre boasts one of the largest indoor skating rinks. In addition to lessons, there's a public ice rink. After skating, unwind with fitness, massage, tennis, or football.

Admission: adults HUF 2,500 in the peak season
Skate rental: available

8. Oxygen Ice Rink

Opened on December 6th, the Oxygen Skating Rink features artificial ice. Enjoy exercise and breathtaking views of Tabán at the Naphegy Sports Centre.

Admission: HUF 2,000 for adults, residents of the 1st district can use the rink with a 50% discount (HUF 1,000), while children living in the 1st district can use it free of charge.
Skate rental: available

9. Hungarian National History Museum

The Hungarian Natural History Museum welcomes the Ice Age this year with an exhibition showcasing endangered species of the Arctic and the tundra. Explore a small plastic-covered ice rink while getting up close to animals from the past and present.

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