Best Hungarian Restaurants In The Countryside

  • 8 Apr 2016 9:02 AM
Best Hungarian Restaurants In The Countryside
An extremely exciting gastro revolution has been going on in Hungary in the recent years, and as a result not only Budapest, but also the countryside offers true gems of gourmet places. Sometimes these restaurants are located in really small-scale, homey family houses, but also century-old buildings or contemporary masterpieces of architecture can be found on the list!

What is common is their dedication for quality ingredients, the respect towards traditions and the continous effort to be among the best representatives of gastronomy. DiningGuide has set up the Top100 list of Hungarian restaurants in 2016, so let's check out the best participants from the countryside!

Kistücsök – Balatonszemes

The love of tradition involves the love of future – this is the main motto behind the concept of Kistücsök (meaning 'Small Cricket') Restaurant, which includes using ingredients from the region and maintaining a close relationship with local producers. Kistücsök was elected by DiningGuide the 16th best Hungarian restaurant and the absolute best one outside Budapest. Also a wine cellar awaits visitors next to Lake Balaton at Balatonszemes.

Anyukám mondta – Encs

Founders of Anyukám mondta Restaurant (literally meaning 'my mother said') both have spent years in Italy, and after a visit to New York have they returned to Hungary. Raw materials are from local source if possible, but besides this they are coming from all around the world. All of the dishes are made according to the 'my mother said' philosophy, and we also can taste fresh, home made bread and buy locally manufactured products e. g. jams and syrups here.

IKON – Debrecen

„For us a restaurant which harks back to our traditions, our culture but which uses the opportunities and improvements provided by modern methods and equipment." This is IKON, the place where you can try famous Debrecziner produced on the spot, and all other ingredients of the dishes are fresh, local and seasonal. IKON Kamra offers Hungarian classics and the handcrafted products of IKON and the best local producers, and we can also choose from Menu 30 km, selected from artisan ingredients sourced within a 20 mile radius.

Platán Restaurant – Tata

Platán Restaurant in the town of Tata is located in a unique ambience, between Tata Castle and Esterházy Castle, on the shore of the Old Lake, and received it's name from a 232 years old sycamore tree. While amusing ourselves with the wonderful panorama of the Lake, we can taste delicious Hungarian and international dishes. Also a guest house conjoins to the restaurant, rooms of which are located in a converted 17th century building.

Villa Medici Mild – Veszprém

Villa Medici opened it's doors in 1991 in the spectacular valley of Veszprém, and Chef Csaba Amrein is leading the kitchen already for 20 years. Their motto is: „hospitality from the heart". They are continously looking for the best quality local ingredients, and offering self-produced smoked meat, jams, ice-cream and bread. Villa Medici is also a hotel. Villa Medici MILD has launched in 2015, offering a new set of dishes and degustation menus - but beware, you need to book at least 12 in advance to enjoy the latter culinary speciality!

Viator Restaurant – Pannonhalma

Viator (latin word for 'wayfarer') Restaurant can be found at famous Pannonhalma Benedictine Abbey. Culinary arts were practiced at the abbey during the past centuries, hospitality towards the arriving visitors being a very seriously taken task. The restaurant, opened in the direct vicinity of the Archabbey of Pannonhalma, strives to express the hospitality of the Benedictine community through the means of gastronomy, combining tradition and modernity in every respect. The building itself is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture, the big glass surfaces offering a great panorama on the surrounding beautiful landscape.

Also on our list of great countryside restaurants:

Mádi Udvarház – Mád

Chianti – Veszprém

Bisztró Sparhelt – Balatonfüred

Terrazza – Sümeg

Spaletta Vendéglő

Katlan Tóni

Pajta Étterem – Őriszentpéter


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