Open Air Design Fair: WAMP Returns To Erzsébet Square

  • 21 Apr 2016 12:43 PM
Open Air Design Fair: WAMP Returns To Erzsébet Square
The first open air WAMP fair this year is eagerly awaited by shoppers with a keen eye for design, especially as after the grey winter days everyone is looking to spending time (and money) outdoors again. On the last weekend of April we all have the chance to check out designer products in the open air at Erzsébet square, in downtown Budapest.

Message from the organisers to Xpats:

No wonder that WAMP, which has its 10th anniversary this year, is still the most popular design fair in Hungary, as the participating design brands are carefully selected, so visitors can expect only the best design products.

Apart from the local exhibitors there are more and more international designers, who are happy to show their work to the Hungarian audience, as these are always good opportunities to meet the customers directly and to get new inspirations.

The sporty yet elegant collections of CAMOU, which are particularly designed for streetwear, are characterized by the urban vibe, they are not only pretty but also very functional. The 2016 summer collection of the brand is again a very personal one, the designer received her inspirations from the documentation of her close environment and surroundings.

The patterns of the clothes are made with sieve printing and digital techniques, and they all based on the photos the designer took herself. Apart from the designer’s favourite nature motifs, trees, wheat fields, and birds, the Mediterranean street views and beach scenes are also prevalent in some cases together with geometrical patterns.

The brand new collection of ARTISTA which is made for dynamic urban women with a sporty-elegant style, is characterized by the duality of sudden, accidental forms and conscious design. The colours of the 2016 spring/summer collection is inspired by the simplicity of Japanese kimonos.

The collision of geometrical and organic motifs and the play of asymmetry and balance define these beautiful pieces. Life is T-shirt was founded in 2014 and many of their products are the works of Hungarian and international illustrators, but since 2016 the owners of the brand have also added their own graphics to their product line.

The bicycle tours led by Bite Sized Budapest provides us the opportunity to discover the city on a renewed, retro style bicycle. Just pick the bike you like the most and explore Budapest either alone or within a guided tour.

WAMP is always searching for new talented designers and it also explores and presents the latest trends and styles to the public. This year too there are many fresh talents who you can meet at Erzsébet square for the first time. In the field of stationary Fiók shows something completely new both in design and in function.

The alternative store next to the University of Technology will debut with many products they made themselves. Beyond their own design they will offer notebooks, pencils, pencil cases and bags created by other Hungarian and international designers. Meonin Furniture was founded by Máté Bogár in the summer of 2015.

The pure design reinforces the harmony of order, and minimalism forms a mutual prevalence of need and functionality. In a collaboration with Nedill art & food-design project the brand has designed an accessory dining product line, which will debut at WAMP this Sunday.

The work of the illustrator Ilyés Juli should be familiar for WAMP-goers by now, but more recently she has also created a new jewellery collection, which will surely become as popular as her graphics. Her rings, armbands and earrings merge minimalistic and rustic shapes and gloss in bright colours; they will surely be this season’s top choice.

The pseudo photo series of Alternative Budapest were previously showcased at ARC billboard exhibition, SZIGET festival, Corvin cinema, Holdudvar, Szimpla and yet also at WAMP. You should definitely take a look at the Budapest photos of Péter KoPé Kovács.

The Designer of the Month in April is Zosha works

Zsófia Magyary, Zosha has been working with jewellery for more than 10 years. Her brand offers an incredible wide array of jewels, the product line ranges from rings, necklaces, armbands and earrings exclusively made out of precious metals. The jewels are primarily based on geometrical forms and have simple shapes like spheres or polygons. Her style is timeless and thoughtful, yet combines up-to-date and bold elements.

The Zosha Works jewels are thoroughly created but comfortability is always a priority for the designer. For Zosha feedbacks are highly important and personal contact with her customers are inevitable, as making jewellery is her passion and she creates each piece by herself with elaborated handwork. At the April WAMP you can expect many new Zosha jewels."

Date: 24 April 2016
Time: 11 am to 7 pm
Venue: Erzsébet square
Address: 1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér

Entry is free!

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