Rakéta Festival 2016, 30 May - 5 June

  • 25 May 2016 9:02 AM
Rakéta Festival 2016, 30 May - 5 June
One week long party caravan in Budapest with the coolest clubs and the hottest bands.

Detailed program:

Monday 30 May, A38, 500 FT

Központ elhárítási terror (Civic stupid punk)
Rosa Parks (Indie math rock)
Deep Glaze (Psychedelic rock with greek roots)
Gustave Tiger (Secessionist punkrock)
Veszélyes fa..fej (Hazardous turbopop)

Tuesday, 31 May, Roham, , 500 FT

Cielo Dive (Melancholic monochrome emo)
No Eves (Alternative stoner)
Black Bartók (Electro blues)
TPS Report (Dudes, parties, skateboard)

Wednesday 1 June, Beat On The Brat, free entry

Hiúz (Punk pop madness)
Carson Coma (Teenagers play psych rock)
Dope Calypso (Garage rock with Pixies-like chorus)

Wednesday 1 June, ZEG ZUG, free entry

Commando Cat (Csikó Tomi) feat Bodriszatva (Gerencsér Károly) (Filthy rockandroll from Tököl)
Upor András(American folk, delta blues, polbeat)
Papaver Cousins (Modern folk-blues duo)

Thursday 2 June, Toldi, 500 FT

Agavoid (Experimental pastel dream)
Belau (Sundowntempo travelling)
PollyFlow (New Age electropop hazzan)
Sad Acid (Acid for sad people)
Christopher Waver (Twisted dance music from the 70s)

Friday 3 June, Vittula, free entry

Raccoon Rally (One-man lo-fi melancholia)
berriloom (Eternal guitar pop with beautiful synths)
Szilánk (Acoustic postcards)

Friday 3 June, Müszi, 500 FT

hans (Improvised noise impersonating a punk computer) https://soundcloud.com/hansishans
ANEZ (Indietronica perfomance art)
iszlai (Surreal noise painting)
MALVO (Intelligent glitch noise)
planetmalcolm (Sampled dirty mutant live beats)
szo (Melancholic lo-fi house)
sazabio (Funk, pop, synths)

Saturday, 4 June, Gólya, Lady-Fest day, free entry

Musica Moralia (Girl with keening vocal and postfolk)
Stopsonic (Soft sonic electronica from two girls)
Umi Tuesday (country-tinged lounge pop from America)
M. O. B. (Almost all-girl emo band)
Lightning Field (Folk songs from the bedroom)

Saturday, 4 June, Auróra, 500 FT

mechanical corpse (Ambient noise zombiendustrial)
Céh (Eardrum smashing power punk outrage)
desdemona daene (“White noise is my ringtone”)
kinzo is here (Minotaur's latexcore madness)
Axentriq (Sipowicz & Maks) (Noise fusion from techno veterans)
† BLΔCK WRIST † (Hvngarian witch house)
mike nylons b2b modeo (Dark matter space exploration)

Sunday, 5 June, A38 Ship, 500 FT

40 Days (Indie rock on the way of psychedelia)
Nobody Elses (Sunny teen indie pop)
Tape Kebab (True psychedelia, not boring progrock)
Felső Tízezer (Healthy sick pop)
The Beans (Young boys pretend Pécs is the new Orange County)

More info: https://www.facebook.com/raketafesztival/

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