Pagony Közért: Quality Kosher Food Delivery In Budapest

  • 9 Jun 2016 9:04 AM
Pagony Közért: Quality Kosher Food Delivery In Budapest
There is an ongoing trend about kosher food. The reasons why people tend to choose these products are not necessarily religious, but prompted by health and food safety concerns.

As we might already know, kosher food is prepared in accordance with Jewish Dietary and religious Laws, which means extra monitoring and a very careful supervision throughout its processing and preparation.

For instance, when it comes to the health of animals that can be eaten, they prohibit cows with broken bones or animals that are visibly sick, therefore the chances to get Mad Cow Disease or any kind of bacterial contamination are very slim. Also, just like organic meat and poultry, kosher meats and poultry are hormone free, which is quite a unique preference nowadays.

Grains, packaged vegetables, fruits and similar Parve (food without any meat or dairy ingredients) products are thoroughly inspected for any trace of non-kosher substances like insects. Because kosher laws prohibit the mixing of meat and dairy, all kosher dairy products are processed separately from any meat product. Therefore, vegetarians and even sometimes vegans can safely select from kosher goods as many of their products are free from lactose.

So why not try following a healthier life-style, like people in the United States where national supermarket chains sell roughly three-fourths of the nation’s kosher products, and they are continuously increasing their offerings to meet the growing demand.

With the help of Pagonykozert it is now possible to get high quality kosher products in Budapest. This unique free of charge home delivery service not only offers kosher, but also other high quality specialities from all over the world, and aims to satisfy people’s needs by offering products that are common in their home countries, but quite rare to find in Hungary.

For instance, there is a wide range of hummus selection made of chickpeas and tahini (paste made from sesame seeds), which is definitely not the kind of hummus you get in regular supermarkets, but the authentic high quality one. There are B&B thin bagels, the only kind of bagels with different flavours (chilli and cheddar, poppy seed and garlic, sea salt, sesame and more).

Also, one can find the tasty halave Halva bars(a confection consisting of crushed sesame seeds) which are only 99kcal/bar, a perfect snack for those who follow even a stricter diet. Pickles in brine is another unique delicacy, which is served in a can, and contains no vinegar like regular ones, but has a slightly spicy, sour taste, and definitely worth trying. And these are just to mention a few out of the 8,000 products the shop has in stock including cleaning supplies and various domestic products as well..

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Words by Tímea Klincsek for, intern editor: Réka Lodinsky

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