Interactive Tasting Games: Introducing The Taste & Play 'Wine Casino'

  • 5 Jul 2016 9:00 AM
Interactive Tasting Games: Introducing The Taste & Play 'Wine Casino'
"What Is Wine Casino®? To some people it is an interactive tasting. To others it is the best adult game ever! Whichever statement is true should be decided by participants after trying the games for themselves!"

What is Taste and Play®?
Taste and Play® is a regional cooperation of companies dealing with tasting games in Central Europe, as a result of which the games of us are available in several countries. And why is it beneficial to our customers? The answer is rather simple. Besides English, German, Hungarian and Russian, we can at the same time provide our games in many new languages by native speaker quizmasters without extra charge.

The Wine Casino
- as its name implies - started as a program enhancing the knowledge of wines. Upon our customers’ and players’ request our portfolio has been broadened by such games as cheese, beer, chocolate, and spirit tasting, hence we are able to offer approximately 30 different programs to our customers who are looking for a unique gastronomical experience for their events.

The exquisite pairing of unique gastronomical experience and playful dissemination of knowledge.

Participants receive the original tastings in a variety of ways: The more active players are willing to listen to a 2-3 hour long lecture, the less adept ones rather chat with each other even during the best lectures. The most frequent reason for this is the lack of interaction, therefore in our case everybody has a task during the games.

This way teamwork develops invisibly during the tasting and the participants arecarried away by the game, hence even the weakest group of players are leaving with the feeling of success. The games are always directed by two people in order to establish contact with all the participants and to avoid the lecture type of presentation.

With the help of the cheat sheets and the prompting of the quizmasters as well as with the tricks told during the programs, we teach the participants to contemplate/observe the tasted drinks and food in a different way, therefore the games have an unconcealed educational aspect as well. We have developed each element of the Wine Casino by transforming a known or less well-known casino game.

Wine is based on roulette, spirits on poker, wine-jack on black-jack, beer on dice, coffee on baccarat, cheese on lotto, chocolate and champagne on wheel of fortune, and macaron on slot machines. Besides entertainment and interactivity, quality is also of outstanding importance.

Therefore we only use high quality food and drinks in our games, and each of our colleagues are qualified experts of the games they are responsible of. We also pay special attention to our appearance and to the accessories used as well, in order to be a worthy contributor to even the most exclusive galas.

Wine Roulette®

The central element of the Wine Roulette® game is a special roulette table, on which instead of numbers, grape types, wine regions and other wine characteristics (year, alcohol and sugar content) are found. Wine is always poured into the participants’ glasses from covered bottles, then the quizmasters provide the players some helping hints. After tasting and examining the wine, the players can bet on the main characteristics of the tasted beverage with their tokens.

After everybody put his/her bets, the consumed item is being exposed, and while we talk a little about the wine’s history and the winemaker the players sip the remaining drink from their glasses, and the prizes are being paid out. It Is possible to have short conversations or eat wine snacks between the tasting-betting rounds. The game can be offered as an interactive tasting for smaller groups, or as an additional program of a bigger event.

Who are we?

* Gergely Hidegkuti, the founder of Taste&Play®, winemaker, wine and spirit expert. For years he had been working as a trainer before establishing Wine Casino, where he realized that team building and the rendition of information is a lot easier if we do it in a playful manner. Wine Casino was set up as a hobby, but the hobby has overgrown itself and hopefully it will never become work.

* Vivien Herceghalmi, event organizer, wine expert. Vivien is the moving spirit of our activity. Without her precision and expertise we wouldn’t be able to perform 4-5 parallel events in a way that provides our services on the highest level at all venues. Besides wine expertise, Vivien is our chocolate expert as well. You can often meet her at our events where we play sweet games.

* István Péntek, sommelier, manager, the leader of Taste and Play® in Romania. István has been the secretary general of the Romanian Sommelier Association for five years, he has been dealing professionally with wines and different kinds of alcoholic drinks for more than 14 years. He brings along extremely exciting wines to taste on his frequent visits to Hungary

*András Kecskeméti, sales manager, the leader of Taste&Play in Austria. Before his rebirth among the framework of the Taste&Play®, has been dealing with people everywhere since forever. He had been a tour guide of English, German and Russian speaking groups, he had worked as a manager at one of the biggest IT companies etc. András is primarily trying to achieve the best services at reasonable prices for our customers.

* Alexandrosz Takács, sommelier, responsible for the supply of our company’s beverages. Although most of us are connoisseurs of wines, still in order to provide an interesting and special experience on all our events, procurement needs a whole person. Alex’s experience and his knowledge of the market can be checked on our events by anyone.

* Team members: Bence Bata, László Fábián, Georgina Heizer, Ildikó Járdi, Péter Kiss, Dóra Komporday, Krisztina Kósa, Beáta Pálinkás, Miklós Rajkort, Zita Sántha-Rajki, Iván Szabó.


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