IWC Lifestyle & Fitness Camp-Hungary 2017 Summer

  • 6 Jun 2017 8:00 AM
IWC Lifestyle & Fitness Camp-Hungary 2017 Summer
This camp is about taking charge once and for all of one of the most important areas in your life: how to revitalize and transform the level of physical, emotional and mental health, energy and vitality you experience daily.

We will nourish your body with delicious, nutritious food and create an empowering mindset with workshops and group sessions and revitalize your spirit with mindfulness programs! We are determined to show you the way to reach the best version of yourself and do that together in an enjoyable and joyful way.

We wait for…

English speaking ladies, who want to receive answers to their everyday questions, problems on what to eat, drink, sport and would like to receive ideas and help how to prepare and achieve their dreams regarding shape, nutrition and drinking habits, health and being a woman…..and who wants to have fun.

Ladies looking for tools to become the best version of themselves, and they will receive follow-up webinar and meeting and support building community.

Organizers: Ioana Daraban (+36 70 531 3385), Szidonia Szilagyi (+36 20 509 4445)

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