Adults Only! A Cheeky Peek Inside 4Play Lounge: 'Budapest's Top Gentlemen's Club'

  • 16 Sep 2017 7:00 AM
Adults Only! A Cheeky Peek Inside 4Play Lounge: 'Budapest's Top Gentlemen's Club'
First up, you know we’re talking about a modern ‘Erotic Theatre’ here, rather than a traditional gentlemen's club set up by upper-class men in the 18th century. Ok, so read on if you want to have a look inside 4Play Lounge, said to be the most sophisticated strippy for a lappy in Budapest.

4Play was set up by local expats who have been operating strip-clubs in the Hungarian capital for over a decade. Previously their focus was mainly on entertaining stag-groups, recently they pulled off a master stroke by moving to a premier venue that elevated it to become a world-class striptease establishment.

The new place is filled with erotic excitement due to special stage shows, VIP services, and more… best not to read between the lines regarding ‘and more…’ and think about sex, as that’s not on the menu. Instead imagine getting a birthday boy handcuffed on stage for some erotic laughs, or hiring a larger-than-life ‘Roly Poly Stripper’ for fun, plus wet and wild times are coming soon via a ‘Lesbian Shower Show’.

From the outset it’s useful to be clear that this is a perfectly legitimate form of business enterprise, it’s not some seedy ‘sex-club’, this is high quality 'show business'.

The owners say they've taken all the necessary steps to ensure it’s a safe place for customers and dancers alike. Also worth remembering is that the strippers chose this line of work, for a few reasons: mainly to get well paid following the motto ‘if you’ve got it flaunt it’. Some also enjoy putting handcuffs and whipped cream on guests apparently.

As well as the dancers there are a few club rules to observe, but the management are keen to point out there is no need for guests sit on their hands here during private dances. So the rules of 4Play are: strictly adults only, smart / casual dress code, and photographs or videos are not permitted to be taken by guests with any equipment whilst on the premises.

Pole-dance joints exist all around the world, but they are not all created equal of course, and that’s very true in Budapest. According to @expatsintheloop there are only a few other strip clubs in Budapest where you won't be ripped-off by unscrupulous managers backed up by big bouncers with massive muscles and low IQ’s.

So that fact alone supports the claim that 4Play is better than most other venues where ‘lovely local ladies’ gyrate naked for tips...

But what makes 4Play the top strip-bar in town? Well, naturally not all strippers are created equal either. At the club which many years ago was the 'go-to' local strip joint, before it reinvented itself ‘café style’, the women there now mostly move like automatons. 4Play management say they hire hotties who really love dancing, with most if not all of their clothes off, in an erotic fashion for the visual pleasure of guests.

“Every night we have a bevy of stunning – and hugely, er... gifted – girls to admire in a relaxed atmosphere. There’s plenty of space for large groups, VIP services and exclusive booths for private dances, reasonably priced drinks, plus special offers.”

It’s the high-class VIP area upstairs that separates 4Play Lounge from any other such club in in the city. It’s not just for stags on the rampage now as a wide range of customers including couples frequent the place, attracted by the energetic vibe and cheeky shows. Drinks are not a rip-off, for example draught Dreher (0,3l) costs around HUF 1000, staff speak English and serve with charm.

Downstairs the talented house DJ sublimely sets the tone for the whole club with top tunes. Another plus point is the address close to the main party area in Pest. As a bonus the management invite guests to arrive at 4Play in comfort by phoning the club in advance, “We'll call you a trusted taxi, and also pick up the tab.” Rockstars and their entourage can arrive in style via the 4Play Hummer Limo.

Once inside, your options include simply taking in the 'eye candy' from the bar; having a deep and meaningful conversation with a lady over a glass of bubbly; enjoying an erotic table dance by one or more of the strippers; or going for a private lap dance experience with the professional performer of your choice.

The club prides itself on ensuring a 'friendly, fun-filled atmosphere', and emphasises that prices are clearly displayed to avoid any unpleasant misunderstandings. Throughout the night the dancers take turns to strut their stuff on stage, usually two at a time since the main stage is bigger than at any other local striptease joint. “As they strip off, they'll dazzle you with acrobatic moves on the pole, and suggestive poses that have to be seen to be believed”, we're told.

The charismatic female club manager continues,
“Unlike at other clubs, you really get your money's worth at 4Play Lounge. We don't insist on a no touching policy and our girls are not shy to get really close. As it's a gentlemen's club, we trust our patrons to behave like gentlemen too. It's all a bit of fun after all.”

As some already know, a table-dance is different from what guests see on stage, it’s often a shared experience as the manager explains:

“One or two girls will dance for a guest’s pleasure at their table, performing a cheeky striptease that’s sure at least to raise a smile. It's a great way to share the experience of an ‘up close and personal’ strip with any members of a group who might be too shy to go for a full-on private lap dance on their own. Best not to act too shy though, that'll only encourage her!”

Everyone has heard about Hungarian women being among the most beautiful in the world, and some are also experts at the art of seduction, so even shy-guys often end up going for a 'lappy'.

So what does a private lap-dance entail?  Damla Karabacakoglu, the club manager, explains the intimate details,

“It starts with a seductive striptease that's guaranteed to drive guests wild with desire. As she peels off her sexy outfit, piece by piece, until there's nothing left, you'll know you've come to the right place. Our girls don't just have the looks, they've got the moves too! They know just what it takes to turn men on. When you think you've seen it all, she'll make her move on you.”

The expat owners promise ‘smoking hot ladies to suit every taste’, and so when you've spotted the woman of your dreams you just call her over for a chat, and a private dance if you wish, they say.

“Your Hungarian temptress will take you behind the scenes and have her wicked way with you. Our private dances last from five minutes to half an hour, take your pick and enjoy the show!”

More club innovations are planned, and special events are in the pipe-line too. As for now, is it really the best strip-club in Budapest? By far, it’s safe; stylish; sexy and sassy. Given it's new location there’s really no competition in the same class.

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(The occurrence of 'tit' as the first syllable of the lovely word 'titillation' is purely coincidental, haha :)

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Sam Worthington

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