'Blockchaineum' Conference, Budapest, 23 May

  • 9 Mar 2018 12:31 PM
'Blockchaineum' Conference, Budapest, 23 May
The largest dedicated blockchain event in Central Europe. A professional conference and exhibition without borders, fully dedicated to the expert field.

A conference for those who want to keep pace with the changes.

1500+ crpyto and blockchain enthusiasts, investors and techees, 3 halls, workshops, exhbition hall and VIP rooms in the heart of Budapest to learn about Central Eastern Europe's current technology and most important companies and also to hear about and meet the most promising ICOs from the region and from all over the world.

At the Blockchaineum 1.0 Conference in 2017 our speakers and partners helped find an answer for the question of what blockchain actually means.

This May the main focus of the conference is on creating a platform where new questions can be answered by leading national and international players of the industry, while promoting numerous innovative projects and allowing new friendships and business deals to emerge.

Not only this focused blockchain community will have a full day to share a common passion, but the Blockchaineum 2.0 Conference will also host the final event of Hungary’s first blockchain competition, the Block Knights’ Contest.

Date and time: 23 May, 9 am 

Venue: Akvárium Klub

Address: 1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 12.

Tickets: blockchainkonferencia.hu

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