Original Enigma Voices To Come To Budapest, 7 April

  • 28 Nov 2018 5:51 AM
Original Enigma Voices To Come To Budapest, 7 April
From the organisers: The time has come - Enigma music will be on stage world wide. The story goes on...

For the first time in history, original Enigma Voices unite to perform the amazing music of global phenomenon ENIGMA - live and authentic. After numerous requests, Andru Donalds, Angel X and Fox Lima have understood the signs of time and teamed up and agreed to execute the one of a kind Original Enigma Voices live tour.

The original singers of global hits like Return to Innocence, Gravity Of Love, 7 Lives, Many Faces And Enigmas Social Song will be on stage and perform these and many more milestones of music history - completely live with new and fresh sounds.

The Enigma sound always consisted of many organic hand played instruments such as percussion, flute and guitar, so the show will be a virtuous firework of real talent and musicianship.

Enigma's music will be played live by a 4 piece Live Band and a Classical Orchestra. It will be a multi media - multi dimensional event spectacle, containing elements of Enigmatic spirits, taking the audience on a journey of sound, images, spirit and senses.

"Turn off the light, take a deep breath, and relax.
Let the rhythm be your guiding light"

Members of the mysterious Enigma project will perform live for the first time in Hungary. Be part of the experience.

Three Grammy nominations, 70 million sold records, over 100 gold and platinum album sale certifications and this is just a visible part of Enigma project’s mystery!

Despite these stunning numbers the project has never toured or appeared in live shows. “Sadeness“, “Return to Innocence“, “Gravity of Love“ and many other hits will be performed live by original members from Enigma project.

Andru Donalds, Angel X and Fox Lima whose voices were behind many Enigma songs will perform in Budapest as “Original Enigma Voices”.

Together with string orchestra and live band forthcoming 2-hour long shows will feature majority of popular Enigma songs with a fusion of classical and modern signature elements.

Founded in 1980’s by a German producer Michael Cretu, Enigma project entranced millions of listeners with unique and iconic sounds that are incomparable to anything. A synthesis of music styles, Gregorian chanting, ethnic psalms, church bells, organs and alike instruments creates a very specific, atmospheric and sometimes even psychedelic sounds. Overwhelming record sales and yet hidden faces have made Enigma one of the most popular and mystifying musical project of the last decades.

The success of Enigma was an inspiration to many artists and producers including Gregorian project that performs modern pop and rock songs with a Gregorian chant-inspired style.

A show will feature over twenty songs from different albums, including “The Rivers of Belief“ from the first album “MCMXC A.D“ up to “Amen“ composition recorded in their last “The Fall of Live of a Rebel Angel“ album.

Andru Donalds says that this will be a miraculous show and an unforgettable journey into a spellbinding world of sounds and imagery with yet unheard sound of songs.

The official event organizer of the ,,Original Enigma Voices’’ show in Budapest is Danubius Music.

Date and time: Sunday April 7, 2019 at 7:30 PM

MoM Sport
1123 Budapest, Csörsz u. 14-16.

Tickets available here

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