Discover Nyíregyháza: Harmony Of Old & New

  • 20 Sep 2018 5:21 AM
Discover Nyíregyháza:  Harmony Of Old &  New
From Let us take you on a tour around Nyíregyháza. Only in the 19th century received the rank of town, but even this time and afterwards a huge portion of habitants still lived on farms all around. On the streets, squares and houses there is a trace of the past, which forms a diverse unit of the present-day developments.

The City Hall, the „Takarék Palace” and the Hotel Korona - the latter's specialty beyond the beautiful facade, its opening when it was lit by electric light, which was very first time even in the city - but a real surprise is the Solar System right in centre of the City. The pavement is decorated with circular mosaics depicting the solar system, one can walk on.

We invite you to the charming Nyírség to spend some fantastic days in the city, which Gyula Krúdy also found exciting. There is a city in Hungary that, with its diligence and willingness to do so, with the hard work of the people living here, has become a sprawling, multifaceted county seat from a sleepy small town.

A city that attracts visitors with its hospitality, facilities, intimate downtown, monuments and rich cultural life. Small houses of the last century, civil buildings, churches, parks, sculptures, flowers, fountains, shady promenades that make Nyíregyháza unique for the season, with a different faces.

Anyway the real (capital letter) experience is Sóstógyógyfürdő. A few kilometers from the center of Nyíregyháza, on the edge of the oak forest, is the salt-water lake which is perfect not only for bathe but also for boating. The old beach is a little bit peaceful, somewhat socreal, that is, very cozy..and of course come and enjoy worldwide-known Animal Park.

Speaking about „Hungaricum”, you know, it is a value worthy of distinction, representing highest level of Hungarian ‘uniqueness, specialty and quality’. Here, in the Animal Park you can find three of them, the very presious mangalica, grey beef, and Hortobagy racka, which you absolutely must see. 

And why not making your time really enjoyable and advantageous? Just share your wish, and book some Hungarian independent students who was born or still lives over there and would love to guide and help you out. This way you can get to know the city and its insights or even history of it in more detail:

Getting To & Around Nyíregyháza

Nyíregyháza, one of the most dynamically developing centers in Hungary. Whilest it is 250 kilometers from Budapest by air, on the highway it is of 240 km drive on M3 motorway.

There are a couple of railway stations in Nyíregyháza, the most significant is the main station with good connections to and from Budapest. Sostóhegy is the second biggest station to get directly to Sostó by train. From Nyugati railway station of Budapest the train flight of Intercity is relatively fast and comfortable and reaches Nyíregyháza in little more then 3 hours. They provide wifi but please do not forget to buy so called additional ticket for seat.

Also good to know is that Debrecen Airport, the second largest in Hungary, has recently undergone modernisation in order to handle more international flights. From Debrecen there is also Intercity train service, which makes less then an hour away.

Local transport in the city consists of almost 30 different bus services, provided by the city’s reliable ÉMKK Zrt. transport company, and all make it easy and inexpensive to get around town.

What’s Worth Doing In Nyíregyháza

Here are our Top 10 List of best things to see and do when you’re there, some of them we already mentioned, some not. All of them provide you with individual links so you can easily get more details about what suits you. 

1. Animal Park so called Sóstó Zoo

One of the most famous attraction in Nyíregyháza, if not the best known, is Nyíregyháza Animal Park, also known as Sóstó-Zoo, located in Nyíregyháza recreation area called Sóstó, in a 30 hectare oak forest.

With its area of 30 hectares, the animals have a great living space with or without cage. More than 500 species (5000 animals) you can walk „through the Earth”. White tiger, or tiger shark, or new born African elephant all is waiting only for you.

The original arrangements of the forested area was largely used to create the most natural environment as possible, to build comfortable living space for them.

Some of the top news what is going over there:

Golden tamarin twins were born this August
Another Vietnamese scavenger that has already been extinct in nature has been born this August in Sostozoo.

1. Sóstó Gyógyfürdő 

After a day in the zoo, a small footbath will be more then good. The lake itself is about of 9,5-hectare, containing salt-water, with an average depth of 1.5 meters. It was well known as of special power since ancient times, and it was known as „Igrice” in the time of King Matthias. Evidence of the power of thermal water is the alpine-style Swiss-Lak built in 1866, a guesthouse that keeps the time of the day of Lujza Blaha, Gyula Krúdy, Frigyes Karinthy and many other artists, politicians.

2. Sóstó Museum Village, living history

Sóstói Museum Village is said to be the most visited museum in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, opened in 1979 to the general public. The open-air center with 7 and a half acres represents the diversity of folk architecture and housing culture. Upon entering the main gate, visitors will feel as if they are in a real village from the last century. In every season, visitors can see the village from a different perspective.

3. Tuzson János botanical garden

The garden belongs to the College of Nyíregyháza,and is located near Sóstógyógyfürdő, in the forest. The garden was named after Tuzson János, the famous botanist, paleobotanist. If you need a fantastic, spectacular and amazing walk, more than 15 different spectacles waiting to explore, such as: Japanise garden, Palm and Cactus house, Playgrounds children with wood castle and land fortress and many more adventures will amuse you.

4. András Jósa Museum, behind famous people 

According to the writer, Krúdy, András Jósa was ‘a whimsical and European scientist, the gravedigger of the conquerors of the Nyírség; a petty monarch; an ephemeral gallant; the best doctor of half of Hungary, whose wonders everyone should praise; half a wonder-working phantom and half a late knight from the old boisterous Hungary; a doctor operating with a pocket knife; a scientist doctor riding his two-wheeled carriage, hair blowing in the wind; resilient as the greyhound and unchangingly the same as the sand in the Nyírség; wise and fool, he was a saint and naive Hungarian man.’

The Museum welcomes its visitors with exciting and colourful permanent and temporary exhibitions. Its archaeological collection is famous in the whole of Europe, but its collections of local history, fine and applied arts, and numismatics are also rich.

Nyíregyháza programs:

Festivals, programs to revitalize traditions, events and events calendar are available here.

Plenty of them can be reached even at now late in the summer, or will be on in the end of this year:

  • Tirpák Festival  - Between 22. - 23. September 2018
  • Munkácsy 50` exhibition at András Jósa Museum untll 14th of October
  • Concert of Csík band on the 5th of October
  • ExperiDance: Cinderella – A family fairy tale musical about the lost little slippers and found happiness on the 13th of October
  • Mamma Mia! musical in Nyíregyháza. by the stars of the Madách Theater, based on ABBA's legendary songs, on the 3rd of November

Churches in Nyíregyháza  

Five churches of five grand denominations – all this in walking distance in the wonderful inner city of Nyíregyháza.

Amid the everyday rush we often fail to realise that each day we pass by the churches of many religions, significant not only for their religious but also their artistic and aesthetic values, and their role played in the city’s history. They tell us about the history of the old city, its population, and we can admire the thousands of tiny details their creators provided them with.

The Patrona Hungariae Co-Cathedral   the Roman Catholic church is one of the best-known buildings in Nyíregyháza, located at the heart of the city, on the main square. The exterior design of the church – with its rich structure, buttresses and decorative elements – is fascinating. With its two towers, simple style and perfect structure it is an outstanding creature and monument of the Hungarian religious architecture.

Evangelic church, the oldest building and also the most valuable monument of Nyíregyháza is the evangelic church built in Baroque style, which is also an important venue in the city’s music life. The evangelicals coming to Nyíregyháza in 1753 from Békés county built the church between 1784 and 1786, according to the designs by Giuseppe Aprilis. The chime of 12 bells above the main entrance can be heard in every hour since 1928.

Reformed church, the wonderful east-west sited church was built according to the designs of János Melhouse between 1873 and 1882 in romantic style. In 1936 a singing-loft was built in the church and a clock was placed on its facade, making it become a dominant building on Kálvin square. Formerly, another church from the second half of the 13th century stood at this place, the ground-plan of which can be viewed in the congregation hall next to the church

Greek Catholic church, the Greek Catholic church located near the City Hall, built in mixed Byzantine style, was consecrated to the honour of Saint Nicholas in 1897. Its painted glass windows depicting Christ the Teacher, and its ethereal, almost floating canopied altar, are especially beautiful. The art-nouveau bishop’s palace built opposite the church in 1909 was also visited by the Pope Saint John Paul II in 1991.

Synagogue, the construction of the synagogue in Nyíregyháza was ordered by the orthodox Israelite community, and it was built according to the designs of Lipót Baumhorn, the most significant synagogue designer and architect, between 1923 and 1924, however, it wasn’t fully completed until 1932. 

A walk dowtown

Mihály Váci, a famous person born here, said about the inner city: ‘… not a historic city. No battles or peace treaties are associated with its name, there aren’t a number of famous historic places, old monuments with kings’ footprints here …’ but its beauty and atmosphere can carry visitors away.

Around Nyíregyháza


Let’s go into Szabolcs Szatmár megye! There are some places that I think you will not be able to withstand and would not regret to visit. To have a cup of coffee in kállósemjéni Kállay country house  as if we were in the 1920’s years, and take a walk in the garden, afterwards to get in a Ford „A” modell in the garage....would bring you wonderful excitement!

Zsindelyes brandy distillery

The Zsindelyes Tasting House was built in 2008 with the aim of bringing visitors to a pálinka enclave – to show around modern pálinka equipment and fruit processors - to return to the past for a moment to become familiar with the roots and the traditional farmland. The Tasting House serves as a kind of museum of cooking, as the historical relics of industrial history tell about the old spice brandy while the paintings depict the history of the Zsindelyes brandy.

Where To Eat & Drink

What to recommend for the first time? Perhaps John's Pub  where you can choose from a variety of menu offerings for around $ 1050.

Of course there is McDonald’s too, but we might know better choice. If you want a good hamburger and you are near the downtown, Burger Pub  is your place, you can choose from huge and tasty American foods and the prices will be wonderful. Do not quit the Shakes because they're geniusly delicious.

The Nyíregyháza Gyros is already iconic, because here you will have it in „kifli”,no t in the most common „pita”. If you insist on it, please ask for it separately. The best place in the city center is Total Gyros. .

Where to have fun

People living here are incredibly friendly, kindly will help you out they will guide us, if you feel confused they will be surely open. There is no shortage of entertainments, everyone finds its mood, age and style, I list some popular places to have a starting point, a kind of crutch.

Downtown cafes have a squatting terrace and nice prices, so we will encourage to pop in, f you want a quiet conversation during the day or even in the evening.

There are many great places to go out, for example in the city center, but on Fridays and Saturdays the most popular among young people are Blues Cafe  and Unicum 

However, it is worth to look at the most popular ruin bars of Nyíregyháza, the most popular of them is the Móricz Garden,  where every age group is represented :)

If you are attracted to discos, Club Macallan is one of those places in the city center. (unfortunately I am unavailable in these)

I can recommend Barbizon for older people, which is the most popular place of entertainment in Sóstó.

To walk around Nyíregyháza, book a Hungarian independent students who  would love to guide you around. This way you can get to know the city and its insights or even history of it in more detail.

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