'Beach Season' In Budapest Already Started

  • 26 Apr 2019 12:19 PM
'Beach Season' In Budapest Already Started
This year’s 'beach season' in the Hungarian capital starts on Saturday 27 April, with the opening of Palatinus, Dagály and Paskál thermal baths. Árpád Forrásfürdő will open again from 18 May, while traditional summer 'strands' - as they're known in Hungary - like Római and Pünkösdfürdő will open in June - see below for all opening dates.

Gellért Baths


beach area without wave service 

30 March

wave service

27 April

Palatinus Baths

27 April

Paskál Baths

27 April

Dagály Baths

27 April

Csillaghegyi Baths

18 May

Római Baths

2 June

Pünkösdfürdői Baths

15 June

Pesterzsébeti Baths

15 June



2 March


15 March


15 March


6 April

The expected closing date of Római and Pünkösdfürdő baths is 1 September, depending on weather conditions.

Cashless payment is in place at every bath in Budapest, which means that you can only pay by bank card or a prepaid card provided by the cashier for the products bought on the bath’s premises (foods, drinks, swimming suits or other articles, etc). Cash is not accepted. This system is comfortable to use and provides security, since you don’t have to worry about having enough cash on hand or keeping your money safe while bathing. 

Family, sporting and children’s programs and events are provided for your enjoyment at the baths during the summer, with entertainment and sporting opportunities awaiting visitors at all six locations on many weekends. 


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