Community Matters: Best Gulyás In Budapest

  • 11 Jul 2019 11:00 AM
Community Matters: Best Gulyás In Budapest
Recently a member of the local expat community asked about the best places to have gulyás in Budapest, via XpatLoop's group on Facebook. Here are a few of the helpful hints and tips from Xpats in the loop.

Ildiko Lorincz: Paprika étterem near Varosliget (with a stunning view if you visit this one ie. the city park), everything traditional and decent waiters.

Patrick McMenamin: Kiado at Jókai Tér

Matthias Janeck: Csalánosi Csárda Óbuda

Dora Alles: For Sale Pub Vámház körút 2. They serve it in a big pot enough for 3-4 people on reasonable price.

AJ Shepherd: Drum cafe, Lángos and Gulyás bar. To me, their cooking was the best so far :) 

Carlos Santoso Bosch: Náncsi Néni or Paprika étterem

Paolo Invernizzi: Very good Hungarian food can be had at Rosenstein

Andrew Jackson: Cafe Kör Sas utca

Carlos Cordeiro: Cannot say it by personal experience because I wasn't there, but some time ago searched around about the same and got some recommendation about Gettó Gulyás

Melinda Székesvári: I was recommended Kiosk. by top chef Osama Kutaini.

Joe Kurta: 100% Stand étterem. The only Gulyás soup with Michelin star.

This link shows a list of the best Hungarian restaurants in Budapest


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