Budapest Chinatown Street Food Night Market Opens With Kungfu Show, 7 May

  • 3 May 2019 2:15 PM
Budapest Chinatown Street Food Night Market Opens With Kungfu Show, 7 May
The Monori Center, Budapest’s Chinatown, has just announced its 7th street food night market will run from May 7th to early September 2019.

The street food market's opening ceremony on 7 May will feature 22 Chinese kung fu professionals from the Xuzhou Martial Arts Association, performing various kung fu techniques with traditional weapons - see below for details.

Main Programs:
●       Lion dance by Hungarian Chan Wu Cultural Center
●       Kungfu shows by Xuzhou Martial Arts Association
●       Quiz and Coupon

What’s New For 2019 At Budapest’s Chinatown Night Market?

This year a total of six authentic Chinese food stalls will serve signature dishes from all parts of China and the region.

Some of the most exciting new food options include jianbing (Chinese crêpe), takoyaki (octopus ball), and dapanji (Xinjiang chicken stew), and also an even broader range of Sichuan classics. Several vegetarian-friendly options will also be available.

Just like in previous years, the night market will be open every evening from 17:00 to midnight, until early September in 2019.

Opening Event Date & Time:
Monday, May 7th at 18:00

Monori Center (Chinatown Budapest)
1107 Budapest, Jegenye u. 30.

More About Xuzhou

Apart from Shaolin, several Chinese towns have a rich martial arts tradition (wushu or kung fu in Chinese) . With a history of 2,600 years, Xu Zhou is known as a notable battlefield in China's history, from ancient dynasties to modern republics.

More than 200 famous battles used to take place on this land. As a result, locals turned to martial arts to defend themselves, which nurtured the custom of kung fu with regional characteristics.

In modern times, Xuzhou became a “Town of Wushu” by state sports administration, where kung fu plays an especially important role in its cultural heritage. A number of world and national kung fu champions have come from Xuzhou, and many established kung fu techniques originated from Xuzhou.

Today, Xuzhou’s kung fu masters teach and train in more than 30 countries around the world and foreign martial arts fans flock to Xuzhou to learn kung fu.

What will the Kung fu masters perform?

They will perform signature kung fu techniques, some with traditional weapons, including tai chi, chi kung, quan (fist), jian & dao (sword), gun (stick), qiang (spear), chui (mace), bian (whip), and chan (spade). Many of the programs have been featured in the Chinese national television (CCTV) and gala festivals.

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