Quick Guide To Balaton's Best Beaches + Free Bathing Locations

  • 22 Jul 2020 12:19 PM
Quick Guide To Balaton's Best Beaches + Free Bathing Locations
This insider guide to the lake’s top spots for swimming and sunbathing, water sports and more, is based on the annual ‘Blue Wave Flag’ awards. Also included below is a short-list of the various free beaches around Balaton for refreshing fun without costs this summer.

The best locations on the shores of the ‘Hungarian sea’ were decided upon based on key considerations such as cleanliness of the beach and related facilities, plus:

* Condition of restrooms, * Parking availability, * Family friendly facilities including the quality of playgrounds, * Accessibility for disabled persons, * Care for the environment, * Possibilities to play sports, * Opportunities to shelter from the sun in the shade.

As many locals and expats are now looking to take holidays in Hungary rather than abroad due to travel restrictions related to Covid-19, this year the judges also looked at how prepared beaches are in terms of ‘epidemiological prevention’.

The winner of the new special award for being best prepared for Coronavirus control and protection is Diási Játék Beach in Gyenesdiás (pictured below).

The award for the 'most dynamically developing beach' according to the Association of Balaton Tourism was won by Zöld Hullám Beach at Balatonederics (pictured below).

The 2020 awards were handed out by an organising committee comprised of local governments around the lake, plus the Association of Balaton Tourism, Hungarian Tourism Agency, Women for Balaton Association, Balaton Highlands National Park, and others.

The counties around Balaton handed out special awards to beaches based on their own shores.

The special prize presented by Somogy County Government went to Bélatelepi Beach in Fonyód (pictured below).

Veszprém County Government gave a special prize to Csopak Village Beach (pictured below).

The special prize awarded by Zala County Government was taken by Libás Beach in Keszthely (pictured below).

Here’s the list of all the award winning beaches according to 'star categories':

Five-star beaches

  • Balatonföldvár East Beach

  • Zamárdi Main Beach

  • Balatonalmádi, Wesselényi Beach

  • Balatonberény, Municipal Beach

  • Alsóörs, Municipal Beach

  • Balatonfüred, Esterházy Beach

  • Balatonfüred, Kisfaludy Beach

  • Szigliget Municipal Beach

  • Csopak Municipal Beach

  • Balatonederics Zöld Hullám Beach

  • Vonyarcvashegy Lido Beach

  • Keszthely City Beach

  • Gyenesdiás Diási Játék Beach

  • Gyenesi Lido Beach

  • Balatongyörök Municipal Beach

  • Balatonszárszó Mikszáth Street Central Beach

  • Badacsonytomaj City Beach

Four-star beaches

  • Keszthely, Libás Beach

  • Balatonudvar, Fövenyes Beach

  • Balatonudvar, Municipal Beach

  • Balatonmáriafürdő Central Payer Beach

  • Zánka Municipal Beach

  • Siófok Main Beach

  • Révfülöp Császta Beach

  • Révfülöp Sziget Beach

  • Ábrahámhegy Municipal Beach

  • Fonyód, Sándortelep Panorama Beach

  • Fonyód, Bélatelep Beach

  • Balatonföldvár, West Beach

  • Balatonlelle Napfény Beach

  • Badacsonytomaj, Badacsony Beach

Three-star beaches

  • Keszthely, Helikon Beach

  • Balatonfüredi Széchenyi Beach

  • Fonyód City Beach

Two-star beach

  • Berény Naturista Camping’s beach

And finally, here’s a list of the key free beaches around Balaton:

  • Balatonakarattya, Gumirádli beach

  • Balatonberény, Balatonberény beach (Csicsergő sétány beach)

  • Balatonboglár, Bólya-köz beach, Fiume beach, Jankovich-settlement beach, Zoltán Kodály beach, Platán beach, Sziget beach

  • Balatonfenyves, Central beach, Csalogány-köz beach, Balatonfenyves-alsó beach, Fenyőstrand, Pozsony street beach

  • Balatonföldvár, as well as being free it is a dog-friendly place

  • Balatonkenese, Alsóréti beach

  • Balatonkeresztúr, Vitorlás street beach

  • Balatonlelle: Western, Határ street, Szirom-köz, Csöpi-köz beaches

  • Balatonmáriafürdő beach

  • Balatonőszöd, Ligetes beach

  • Balatonszárszó, Bendegúz square beach, Móricz street beach

  • Balatonszemes, Vigadó beach, Hullám street beach, Central beach

  • Balatonvilágos, Alsóréti free beach

  • Fonyód, Fürdő street beach, Árpád beach, Huszka street beach, Báthori street beach

  • Keszthely: Keszthely Dog Park and Picnic Garden

  • Siófok, Újhelyi beach, Silver Beach, Golden Beach, Balatonszabadi – Sóstó beach

  • Szántód, Rigó street beach, Juhász Gyula street beach

  • Tihany, Gödrös beach, Somosi beach,

  • Zamárdi, Nagystrand at Bácskai street, Jegenye square beach, Táncsics street beach, Kiss Ernő street beach, Keszeg street beach, Klapka street beach, Gyöngyvirág and Pipacs street beach.


MTI Photo: György Varga

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