State Pension Advice For Brits In Hungary

  • 23 Feb 2021 5:24 PM
State Pension Advice For Brits In Hungary
Perhaps the recent upheaval in EU resident British citizens lives has caused a certain amount of naval gazing, but whatever was the reason, it seems like UK state pension has become a hot topic - if this phrase can ever be used with reference to a retirement fund!

A number of clients wishing to discuss the UK pension system, how to ensure they get what they deserve and not lose out, have been in contact with me. Thus, you can find a recent article I wrote on the subject linked here:

This system of National Insurance savings is multi-faceted depending on a number of issues, which vary person to person – and so I try not to go into too much specifics. I welcome feedback and comment from all.

In addition, and not mentioned in the article, is reference to those Hungarian citizens who have lived for a decent number of years in the UK and contributed to the taxation system. They are able to stake a claim to some level of UK state pension on retirement and I believe many of them are unaware that they can do so.

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