Top Expat CEOs 2021 Book Available At Budapest Business Journal

  • 29 Dec 2021 4:47 PM
Top Expat CEOs 2021 Book Available At Budapest Business Journal
The Top Expat CEOs magazine is an annual publication that forms part of our commitment to honoring the most influential expat CEOs in Hungary. As well as an economic background to Hungary’s economy, Top Expat CEOs presents some of the leading market players in the country.

As such, it is an essential aide to getting to know the personalities behind the business.

Top Expat CEOs is a subjective listing, not a ranking, based on our three-decade history of producing the Budapest Business Journal and the Book of Lists, and the accumulated knowledge of our management, editors, journalists and sales executives over that time.

Selection is based on the influence we believe these CEOs have on the Hungarian economy. Usually this is down to the size of their business here, but it may also be due to the international footprint of their parent company, or their involvement in areas of business identified as a priority by Hungary, and the likelihood that they therefore have the ear of government.

The readership of Top Expat CEOs mirrors much of that of the BBJ, including many of the country’s leading business executives, diplomats and decision makers.

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•      Provides an essential overview of Hungary’s economy.
•      Get an insight into the CEO mindset regarding business in the country and globally.
•      Get to know the personalities behind the business.
•      Read personal accounts from the country’s leading non-Hungarian CEOs, including their experiences of doing business in Hungary and what they enjoy about life here.

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