Fruit & Veg Surprise Pack from

  • 20 Dec 2022 11:15 AM
Fruit & Veg Surprise Pack from
The company provides good news for those who love vegetables and fruits, surprises and environmental awareness at the same time. has come up with a special offer, one that is not only a surprise during the holiday season. With a vitamin bomb of about 3 kilos, not only will the customer benefit financially, but it can also save the goods, which are mostly defective but still fully marketable, and thus help reduce waste.

By purchasing at least 3 types of products in the package, which includes various fruits and vegetables that change daily, you also help to ensure the sustainability of resources, since everything that has been produced but not consumed consumes valuable work and farmland.

The icing on the cake is that these nutrient-dense delicacies can be purchased at a fraction of the price.

It is a sad fact, but a third of food worldwide ends up in the bin, mainly vegetables and fruits, when it should not be. These sometimes quality or shapely defective, non-freshly picked products are perfect for making a smoothie, smoothie, sauce, soup or dessert.

The surprise packages, which are uniformly available at a price of HUF 1490, are now available in the webshop.

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