Matild Café & Cabaret in Budapest Restored to its Rightful Grandeur

  • 12 Apr 2022 5:41 PM
Matild Café & Cabaret in Budapest Restored to its Rightful Grandeur
The much-loved institution of Budapest’s history, the former "Belvárosi Kávéház" returns to the city’s social life after being asleep for decades, as Matild Café & Cabaret on 19 May.

After a long-detailed renovation period, the historical “Belvárosi Kávéház'' is finally returning to Budapest’s social and cultural scene as Matild Café & Cabaret.

The 300-seater venue will await guests in Matild Palace from 19th of May as the reimagination of the café originally opened in 1901, echoing the vivid Belle Epoque era of Budapest with the grand café and cabaret shows.

The gastronomic concept of the city’s new historical venue was dreamed up by the legendary Chef Wolfgang Puck.

After a long renovation of the classic art nouveau café, the former “Belvárosi Kávéház'' finally has been reborn as Matild Café & Cabaret and welcomes guests from 19th of May in the iconic building of Matild Palace.

Steeped in history, Matild Palace, the home of the café was built 120 years ago during the Belle Époque era and was developed under the patronage of Her Imperial and Royal Highness Maria Klotild of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to serve as the social hub of the city.

The two-storey café was the most popular centre of the vibrant social life of the era, where prominent public figures, journalists, artists used to meet; and where significant pieces of Hungarian literature was born, like some part of “The Adventures of Sindbad” by Gyula Krúdy.

As it was one of Krúdy's favorite places, a Krúdy statue was erected next to the café in 2021 to pay homage to one of the greatest writers of Hungary.

The café was not only the social hub of the city for a long time, but it also had strong symbolism related to a fresh start after the 2nd World War: this café was the very first business in Budapest to reopen its doors to the residents after the war. The reopened café - run by Egon Rónay - was a very important message those days, a promise of a new beginning for the people.

The original café was run by the Rónay dynasty for almost four decades and then has lived through different eras. It was the home of one of the most traditional coffee houses, later a restaurant, a casino, and even a nightclub.

Today, the building itself is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and has been under monumental protection since 1977.

The long and highly detailed restoration work was based on the original plans, and contemporary drawings and photographs also helped the restorers to get a high-quality result, restoring the historic details to the original splendor.

Situated in the iconic building of the city, 300-seater Matild Café & Cabaret resurrects the true café culture by boasting a highly authentic ambiance, echoing the vivid Belle Epoque era of Budapest.

In the daytime, Matild Café & Cabaret will be an easy-going café with unique gastronomy, while at night it transforms into a cabaret venue, where Hungarian and international cabaret shows are performed on a special hydraulic elevated stage – as during the 1960s - turning the place into a distinguished, glamorous, exciting, and lively social hub of the city.

"It is a great pleasure for us that this art nouveau café is finally coming back to Budapest's social and cultural scene. It wasn’t an easy task, but we restored every detail to its original condition. The unique atmosphere of the café, the design elements are rooted in the local culture and infused in every element of the venue. Entering the Matild Café & Cabaret, our guests will be enchanted by the charm of this historic place, the heritage of this beautiful café"
- says Emre Pasli, General Manager of Matild Palace.

The venue's gastronomic concept was dreamed up by the Chef of Hollywood stars Wolfgang Puck and it will embody a mixture of tradition and innovation: the menu is composing stylish and modern scenes of gastronomic experiences over coffee, cakes, traditional pastries, comfort food, international dishes, and peerless service for its guests for breakfast and daytime.

Mr. Puck and his Hungarian team use the highest quality, local ingredients, and sophisticated culinary techniques to fulfill the guest experience of the Matild Café & Cabaret.

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